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43% of Employers Don't Have a Return-to-Work Program, Says Poll at

MANSFIELD, CT--(Marketwire - October 20, 2008) - Only 57% of employers taking an online poll at reported having a return-to-work (RTW) program to help injured workers get back on the job sooner.

Employers that have a large workers' comp deductible are missing a huge opportunity to save money almost instantly with a RTW program, according to site creator Rebecca Shafer.

The main reason for excessive workers' comp costs is that most employees stay out of work too long after an injury. This happens for many reasons, but often the employer loses control of the process or doesn't let employees know that as soon as they can get a list of their medical restrictions, the employer wants them to come back to work.

Usually, there's no need to wait until a worker is 100% recovered. Studies have shown that employees recover quicker when they return to work rapidly in transitional-duty jobs.

A good RTW program ensures that employees come back as soon as they are medically able to perform any productive task. Proven savings range between 20% and 50%.

Absence from work batters the bottom line. If an employee is out of work for two weeks and receives $200 a day in compensation and medical expenses and the company has a profit margin of 7%, it will take $57,000 of additional revenue to replace that two weeks of lost time on the bottom lineout.

Try out the calculator offers many free tips to help employers return workers to productivity sooner. The site also provides forms and documents that let any employer set up a do-it-yourself RTW program at modest cost.

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