RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC--(Marketwire - October 21, 2008) - According to the recently published report, "Investigator-Initiated Trials: Building Superior IIT Capabilities," developed by pharmaceutical market research leader Cutting Edge Information, first-look screening activities eliminate 11% of all IIT proposals a company receives ( Even this small minority, though, saves both time and money during later secondary screenings by the formal committee.

The most effective IIT departments have stringent review policies. Many companies compare proposals to a pre-set list -- not only must every "t" be crossed and every "i" dotted, but proposals must match with corporate goals before progressing to the formal committee. Though this process arguably causes potential loss of advantageous proposals, the companies have determined that the cost of investigating said proposals and the expenses necessary to align the company with the proposals outweigh the benefits. "In these instances," says Eric Bolesh, lead author of the report, "it is more cost-effective to the company for the proposals to enable a competitor to prosper than to incur all the expenses necessary to see the projects to completion. With the competition acting in like manner, it all balances out in the end."

Some companies take the review process a step further. On average, the initial review process takes 27.8 days to complete. These companies have found a way to shorten this first pass: Instead of accepting full-length proposals from every investigator, they only accept shorter abstracts that take less time to review. Of course, should any prove interesting, the companies promptly request the standard full proposals from those investigators.

To offer a comprehensive look at the current state of IIT management, "Investigator-Initiated Trials: Building Superior IIT Capabilities" provides data benchmarks that will enable companies to improve their IIT initiatives. Surveyed respondents reveal difficulties in selecting viable study opportunities, tracking studies, overseeing clinical trial management and making use of study findings. Findings center on the following topics:

--  Companies' assessments of IIT performance and areas of improvement
--  Study proposal review and evaluation timelines
--  Budgets and funding
--  IIT program profiles

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