HOBOKEN, NJ--(Marketwire - November 11, 2008) - Given that the average college-bound student is admitted to approximately three schools, increased competition is stirring among post-secondary institutions to convert admitted students into enrolled students. While some schools rely on traditional methods to "sway" students, many schools are turning to innovative online tools, including EducationDynamics' newly expanded Admitted Student Program, to build meaningful relationships with prospects to increase enrollment yield.

Featuring new functionality, EducationDynamics' Admitted Student Program is designed to cultivate a connection with students during the window of vulnerability -- which begins as early as October. Using academically purposeful social networks, or purpose communities, to promote key institutional strengths and objectives, the program guides students through the enrollment process with a custom-built virtual pre-orientation. Newly implemented features to enhance enrollment yield include:

--  Expert pre-written or custom-written content
--  Tools to communicate with particular groups of students within the
    admit pool
--  Powerful real-time reporting and automated alerts
--  Automated checklist to ensure students overcome yield-critical

"The Admitted Student Program allows institutions to enroll more of the students they admit, augmenting both the quantity and quality of incoming classes. Among program participants, increases of enrollment yield as high as 14 percent over non-program users," says Peter Kraft, president of the Enrollment and Retention Services Division of EducationDynamics. "Forty percent of matriculated students report that they were either 'unsure whether to enroll' or 'did not want to enroll' until they registered for the program."

Institutions that implement EducationDynamics' Admitted Student Program can benefit from the following:

--  Heightened institution-to-student communications at minimal expense
--  Ability to identify and target students whose characteristics
    encompass positive predictors of enrollment
--  Capability to develop individualized communications through Live
--  Ability to build a comprehensive pre-orientation experience to
    transition admitted students to campus before they enroll

Custom design elements of the program are created to match institutional branding. For more information about the Admitted Student Program or other EducationDynamics products or services, visit http://www.educationdynamics.com/admittedstudent/ or contact Tracy Howe at 201.377.3318 or tracy@educationdynamics.com.

About EducationDynamics

EducationDynamics, a portfolio company of Halyard Capital, is the leading marketing and information services company dedicated to helping higher education institutions find, enroll and retain students. Its content-rich and highly visible education websites, including EarnMyDegree.com, eLearners.com, GradSchools.com, StudyAbroad.com and its more than 50 special interest microsites, make EducationDynamics the premier provider of qualified prospective students for colleges and universities. In addition, the company offers a full suite of Web-delivered services proven to drive enrollment growth and reduce student attrition. For more information, visit http://www.educationdynamics.com.

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