BAY HARBOR, FL--(Marketwire - November 14, 2008) - SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCBB: SMME) announces the adoption of the Multos* operating system on its Biometric fingerprint activated Payment and Banking Card. Multos was originally developed by MasterCard and is now owned as a separate company, Multos International.

Speaking from the company's offices in Bay Harbour, Florida, the President of SmartMetric, Inc., Mr. Colin Hendrick said today the adoption of the Multos operating system in the SmartMetric Biometric card gives the company the ability to deploy its Biometric Card to leading Banks and Financial Institutions throughout the world. By integrating an industry standard operating system that is used by Bank issuers of SmartCards and Chip Cards around the world provides SmartMetric a fast and effective platform to sell its cards along with advanced biometric security applications globally.

He said the company has been approached by Banks and Financial Organizations from countries in the Middle East, South America, Asia, Pacific and Europe as well as North America.

As the company roles out the only fingerprint reading Banking Card in the world it expects to capture a significant share of the global card market. With millions of contactless credit cards being used around the world already, SmartMetric believes that the introduction of its contactless card that has the added security of only working after a person touches it with his or her fingerprint will make contactless cards that are inherently insecure and open to fraud to making them become one of the most secure card payment platforms.

MULTOS* operating system provides a flexible and secure contactless EMV platform for all international and domestic payment brands -- AMEX "Expresspay," JCB "J-SMART," MasterCard "M/CHIP," Visa "VSDC," Common Payment Application (CPA), and can be configured to support any domestic EMV scheme. Multos is a trademark owned by Multos International.

Contact Information: For further information or to contact SmartMetric, phone Mr. Colin Hendrick President & CEO +1.305.607.3910 SmartMetric, Inc. 1150 Kane Concourse Bay Harbour Islands, FL 33154