MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - November 17, 2008) - Kazeon Systems, Inc., a leading provider of intelligent eDiscovery solutions, today announced KazForensics, an intelligent comprehensive set of forensics capabilities that creates new standards for complete authenticity of data and meta-data as well as maximum defensibility of the eDiscovery process. KazForensics provides end-to-end verification and accuracy of the eDiscovery workflow and maintains a complete chain of custody across the entire eDiscovery process, providing a completely transparent and defensible in-house eDiscovery solution for corporations, law firms, law enforcement agencies and legal consultants.

According to Gartner, "The main objective of eDiscovery forensics is to ensure that ESI is protected against destruction or alterations. ESI must be gathered from various sources -- including tapes, drives, portable storage devices and networks. A forensically sound image of the original information must be preserved, and a duplicate must be created for processing, review and analysis. Preserving potentially relevant objects is a complex process."(1) With its in-place analysis, review, collection, legal hold -- KazHold™ and KazForensics capabilities, Kazeon continues to redefine standards for functionality, usability and defensibility in order for corporations and law firms to balance the stringent legal requirements with the rising costs of eDiscovery.

Leveraging KazForensics, corporations, law firms, law enforcement agencies and legal professionals can increase the robustness and defensibility of in-house eDiscovery processes especially compared to the traditional options available in the market today. KazForensics provides data integrity and auditing for the entire eDiscovery process and guarantees verification of content before and after eDiscovery analysis, review, legal hold, processing and collection. KazForensics raises the levels of accuracy, data integrity and chain of custody in the eDiscovery workflow by keeping data and meta-data intact, thus preventing data spoliation. The forensics capabilities are available for usage in data centers, remote offices, laptops, desktops, file shares, email servers, archives, ECM systems, etc.

KazForensics provides the following key benefits to customers:

1. Maximum risk reduction: complete transparency and defensibility of
   eDiscovery process
2. No data (or meta-data) spoliation: evidence preservation, data integrity
3. Chain of custody of eDiscovery workflow: tracking data and maintaining
   integrity as documents and emails/messages move across stages
4. Expanded usage: solution is now not only for corporations and law firms
   but also law enforcement agencies and forensic experts
5. Assured data integrity: data transfer to outside counsel or other legal
   consultants in forensically sound manner ensuring maximum defensibility
   of process

"With KazForensics, a corporation or law firm can ensure there is no data spoliation anywhere in their eDiscovery process," said Jay Desai, Kazeon's VP of Product Management. "Kazeon is enabling customers to raise the standards of their in-house eDiscovery process, giving them legal defensibility in their eDiscovery projects."

(1) Gartner, Inc. "What Every IT Manager Should Know About Digital Forensics" by John Bace and Jay Heiser, April 30, 2008

About Kazeon

Kazeon revolutionizes the way companies perform Information Management and eDiscovery by using the Information Server software to intelligently discover, search & index, classify and act on all electronically stored information. Kazeon provides a full spectrum of Information Management solutions, including proactive and reactive eDiscovery, information security and privacy, records management, governance, risk & compliance, and data management. The Kazeon Information Server software automates key eDiscovery functions -- identification, collection, preservation, processing, analysis and review for corporations, service providers, and law firms. Kazeon provides unique in-place legal analysis, review and workflow automation technology as well as legal hold, using KazHold™, for retaining data in original state. Kazeon has been recognized by various industry forums, including Gartner's eDiscovery MarketScope where Kazeon was rated 'Positive' and the Socha-Gelbmann eDiscovery Survey 2008 where Kazeon was recognized as a Top 5 eDiscovery Software Provider. Kazeon has established partnerships with leading companies, including Fujitsu-Siemens, Google, Network Appliance, Oracle and Symantec. Kazeon provides the industry's highest scalability and performance, more than 17 terabytes (TB) of data per day, while offering the lowest cost, $4.30 per Gigabyte. For more information, visit or call +1-877-KAZEON1.