SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - November 17, 2008) - nSolutions Inc, (, provider of the award-winning NOVA™ appliances for managing change in infrastructures in real time, today announced the availability of ConfigControl, a new NOVA application that provides intelligent adaptive templates for assured compliance with operational and regulatory policies. ConfigControl provides 'Triple A' features needed for successful compliance audits: Assurance, Authentication and Accountability. ConfigControl dramatically improves IT productivity in multi-vendor, globally distributed IT operations and eliminates the unacceptable drain in IT resources suffered by enterprises organizations when attempting to meet security and compliance requirements.

"Networks matter because they are strategic assets," said Jeffrey Feeney, president of Max Solutions, Inc. "Using the intelligent adaptive templates of NOVA's ConfigControl application, my organization as well as my customers, can roll out benchmarked configurations that enforce 'best practice' policies by automating bulk pushes of approved configurations."

Benefits of NOVA's ConfigControl Application include:

--  "RapidStart" with Benchmarked Configurations: ConfigControl provides
    automation for rapid out-of-the-box deployment of devices by adapting
    benchmarked template-based configurations that assure both functionality
    and compliance with approved best practices. Customers benefit from
    unprecedented productivity and ease of global deployment of hundreds of
    devices with assured security and compliance.
--  Always Ready for Security Audits:  ConfigControl's intelligent
    templates can be adapted easily to the requirements of any specific
    deployment to generate benchmarked configurations. These configurations
    ensure a company's preparedness for security audits -- at any time in
    geographically remote locations such as branch offices or retail stores.
--  Automated Change Control: ConfigControl templates support the
    automation and control of a NOVA solution by assuring the accountability
    and authenticity of the changes with the consistency provided by the
    benchmarked configurations. The automated reports provide verifiable
    documentation for compliance audits. The result is integrity of
    configurations at a low total cost of ownership.

"Enterprises are battling hard to contain the business risk and costs of security breaches and non compliance with regulatory requirements. In addition to potential fines of millions of dollars as a consequence of security and compliance issues, enterprises may additionally be faced with legal fees, and loss of customers and brand reputation," explains Harish Rao, nSolutions CEO. "ConfigControl fortifies the security of the infrastructure by adapting intelligent templates to the specific deployment needs of customer environments while providing the 'Triple A' features for compliance audits such as the PCI DSS. The net result is huge savings with assured compliance."

The NOVA product line consists of NOVA appliances, NOVA applications, NOVA Repository and NOVA Integration Modules. ConfigControl is a newly released NOVA Application and is currently available. U.S. list price for NOVA ConfigControl Application is $25,000.

For additional information on automating the new PCI DSS compliance mandates with ConfigControl Application, please view nSolutions' White paper: Continuous Compliance of PCI DSS with NOVA™

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