COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - November 18, 2008) - Choice of low cost leisure time activities help young Chinese keep budgets in check. According to BIGresearch's ( Special Edition: China Pop Culture and Entertainment Survey of 2,301 respondents, surfing the Internet, watching TV, and going shopping are the three favorite pastimes of Chinese consumers ages 18-34.

During the last 3 months, what did you usually do in your spare time? - Top 5

                       18-34 Chinese Consumers
Surfing the Internet            92.4%
Shopping                        72.9%
Watching TV                     72.7%
Go to Movies                    69.0%
Listen to Music                 64.9%

Source: BIGresearch, China Pop Culture & Entertainment Survey (Sept.2008), N=2,009

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When asked what factors would make them most likely see a movie, 60.5% of young Chinese say it's dependent on the actors/actresses involved. Recommendations from friends (53.7%) are more apt to influence than media promotion (37.6%). They are most likely to watch movies downloaded from the Internet (90.8%), on TV (56.2%) or at a movie theater (45.4%).

While relaxing (72.3%) is when Chinese 18-34 listen to music most, followed by during transportation (67.9%) and when they are in a good/bad mood (57.7%). Most popular types of music: Pop (90.3%), Classics (46.8%) and R&B (32%).

Listening to music on a walkman or CD player is a trend of the past. Computers (88.3%) are now the preference; MP3, MP4 and MP5 players (76.2%) and cell phones (57.6%) round out the top three.

About BIGresearch

BIGresearch is a consumer intelligence firm providing analysis of behavior in areas of products and services, retail, financial services, automotive, and media. Their Special Edition: China Pop Culture and Entertainment Survey provides a snapshot of how young Chinese consumers (18-34 years old) feel about entertainment and consume media. Prosper Business Development ( organized and coordinated the efforts of the following parties to develop, collect and analyze the survey: Professor Huixin Ke (Kay) of the Survey & Statistics Institute, Communication University of China (CUC) in Beijing, China, BIGresearch and Survey Sampling International (SSI) whose China Panel provided respondents.

BIGresearch also conducts the China Quarterly which monitors the purchasing behavior and media consumption of more than 4,000 Chinese consumers, focusing on consumers between the ages of 18-34 years old. The China Quarterly is available through BIGresearch in report or database format.

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