COLUMBIA, MD--(Marketwire - November 19, 2008) - The much-touted index approach to investing doesn't work in today's risky markets, but high-dividend stocks offer a great opportunity, Michael Martin, president of Financial Advantage in Columbia, Md., says in video interviews from

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Index funds worked well during the broad bull market, when both price-earnings ratios and interest rates were low. "Now, with the credit crunch, things are much more competitive. That's good for strong companies, but the weak will fall," he says.

Income Stocks Offer Secure, Growing Income

If indexes don't work today, what does? High-dividend stocks are among the best choices, especially for retirees, Martin says.

Now many income stocks are cheap and pay unusually high dividends, Martin tells MoneyShow. Canadian royalty trusts and office REITs now offer dividends up to the 20% range. Utilities and pipeline companies also pay solid dividends. And, as regulated businesses that can pass on cost increases, they offer secure and growing income.

Founded in 1987, Financial Advantage provides personal financial planning and investment-management services to retirees and aspiring retirees on a fee-only basis. The firm manages more than $238 million of client assets.

Wealth Manager magazine has named Financial Advantage as one of the top 250 independent financial advisory firms in the country for the past five years.

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