NOVATO, CA--(Marketwire - November 19, 2008) - ClairMail, Inc., the leader in 2-way mobile phone-based customer interaction, today announced that the ClairMail System is processing millions of monthly mobile banking transactions and seeing tremendous adoption and continued growth, with over 12 mobile banking transactions conducted every month per consumer. This is more than three times greater than the monthly transactions per consumer found in published reports from other mobile banking solutions and demonstrates the positive impact that ClairMail's unique 2-way solution creates on consumer usage.

ClairMail's bank customers have also experienced adoption rates significantly higher than industry averages, due to ClairMail's easy-to-use, 2-way mobile banking and payments services and the ability for consumers to choose their preferred mobile interface. ClairMail customers have seen upwards of 25 percent adoption by online banking consumers, shattering industry averages; the industry adoption rate for a bank's online consumer base averaged less than 3 percent according to published data related to other mobile banking solutions.

ClairMail is the first and only mobile banking and payments solution that delivers 2-way mobile banking and payments functionality on all mobile phones with consistency across all three user interface types -- messaging, mobile web and client applications -- known as the "2-way triple play." On one platform with a single implementation, the ClairMail System seamlessly and securely integrates with a bank's systems of record and provides bank customers with a comprehensive suite of 2-way mobile banking and payment services. The ClairMail System incorporates a powerful Event Engine that can easily handle the potential transaction volumes from banks of any size and deliver real-time, 2-way actionable alerts.

"Banks should take advantage of the dynamic nature of the mobile channel to maximize customer service through mobile alerts," said James Van Dyke, Founder and President of Javelin Research. "The 2-way, dynamic, real-time nature of alerts in the mobile channel is the primary factor that separates this from the online channel and proves a value to consumers to encourage adoption."

"We have seen massive growth of our 2-way mobile banking and payments platform. It's a testament to ClairMail's convenient, secure and easy-to-use 2-way solution, which is particularly valuable in these challenging economic times," said David Thompson, vice president of marketing of ClairMail. "As ClairMail continues to roll-out the ClairMail System for new customers over the next few months, we will continue to see the adoption of our technology rise dramatically."

"We believe the rise of next-generation mobile banking and payment solutions will forever change banks and payments companies," said Virginia Garcia, senior research director of TowerGroup. "Mobility has the potential to enable timely, relevant, and actionable outreach that will ignite customer engagement unlike any other channel."

TowerGroup estimates that every month through the first quarter of 2009, between 150 and 300 banks and credit unions in the United States will sign contracts for mobile banking solutions. Mobile banking will surpass 6 million users by the end of 2008, and TowerGroup forecasts 42 million US active users of mobile banking by 2012.

ClairMail was recently recognized as a leader in the mobile banking and payments industry by TowerGroup. ClairMail was positioned as having the highest strategic extensibility of any vendor and one of the best market execution ratings given its recently announced partnerships with Fidelity National Information Services and WAUSAU and agreements reached with major bank customers in the United States.

About ClairMail

ClairMail is the only comprehensive 2-way mobile platform for banking, payments and card services. Deployed either on-premise or as a managed service, ClairMail optimizes any mobile phone for 2-way customer interaction. Only the ClairMail System offers 2-way mobile banking, payments and card applications that utilize any phone's existing messaging and mobile web software and extend the capabilities of third-party client applications. On one platform with a single implementation, ClairMail empowers financial institutions to generate and deliver 2-way Actionable Alerts to their customers and provide easy and immediate account management, secure transactions and no-hold customer service. Unlike other 1-way, proprietary and inflexible point solutions which lack the application intelligence to generate 2-way alerts, the ClairMail 2-way System is a turnkey, standards-based 2-way offering that seamlessly and securely integrates with existing systems, delivers the fastest time to value and provides an alternative to more costly channels like call centers and IVR. Founded in 2004, ClairMail is headquartered in Novato, Calif. The company is privately held and funded by Norwest Venture Partners, Outlook Ventures and JAFCO Ventures. For more information call (415) 884-7270 or visit

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