NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 19, 2008) - Real Time Content (RTC), a leading provider of online video ad technology, announced its entry into the U.S. market today with the first Personalized Video solution available for ad agencies, online advertisers and online publishers. RTC's proprietary Personalized Video solution is the only platform for advertisers and publishers that can deliver truly personalized video in real time, resulting in the most effective campaigns that drive the highest click-through and conversion rates in the industry.

After gaining traction in the U.K., deploying successful campaigns with Manchester United and Nationwide Building Society, a leading U.K. financial services company, RTC has set up its headquarters in New York, bringing the benefits of increased relevance and higher ROI to the hub of the advertising and publishing markets.

The concept of personalizing online video shifts the paradigm from mass video messaging to targeting on an individual level. Audience fragmentation is creating a fundamental need for marketers to make video advertising more relevant, addressable and personalized. RTC's technology platform enables brands to deliver customized video experiences, while giving consumers more control about how they view and consume content.

RTC enables advertisers to personalize video content and create campaigns that are more relevant to individual consumers. The ads are personalized based on viewer interaction and targeting data such as geographic location. The video and audio content are segmented and tagged based on campaign goals and assembled on-the-fly using RTC's proprietary storyboarding software. RTC's Personalized Video platform can deliver thousands of different versions of an ad based on a broad number of content variants included in the campaign.

RTC is changing the rules of the linear online video environment and making it a dynamic and interactive experience. Advertisers enable consumers to make choices in real time and be an integral part of the marketing message. By adapting to the individual user profile variations, advertisers are able to deliver a more relevant message for the consumer, resulting in greater effectiveness and stronger ROI for the advertiser.

"The campaigns we have executed in the U.K. with Personalized Video technology have typically resulted in double the click-through rates and sales conversions than traditional video campaigns," said Naj Kidwai, CEO of Real Time Content. "In today's economic climate, ad agencies are being held more accountable for their advertising initiatives, so measuring the impact of their marketing investment is critical."

Nationwide recently executed a personalized video campaign in the U.K. to help increase the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns on its own Web site as well as third-party portal sites. The campaign resulted more than double the click-through rates for product offerings and a 100 percent increase in sales conversions when compared to the standard video campaigns Nationwide had executed. It also resulted in over 8,000,000 impressions and served more than a 100,000 personalized video advertisements.

About Real Time Content

Real Time Content, Inc. enables advertisers and publishers to create personalized online video advertising campaigns. Its proprietary Adaptive Media platform creates customized video messaging based on individual customer profiles and feedback, which result in greater relevance, higher click-through rates and increased conversion. The company has been recognized by AlwaysOn as an OnMedia Top 100 winner and was named to the Red Herring Europe Top 100. Headquartered in the U.S., RTC has offices in New York and London with funding from British Telecommunications Plc. and New Venture Partners. Visit Real Time Content at

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