SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwire - November 20, 2008) -, a leading web hosting provider for small-to-medium sized businesses, today released 5 tips designed to aid small-to-mid-sized business owners weather the economic downturn. As the economy continues to sink, many business owners are struggling with how to survive. Despite the flailing economy, is thriving.

"My brother and I founded during the .com bust," said Tem Balanco, co-founder and CEO of "Unlike other local web design companies that went out of business that year, OneWebHosting combined web-savvy, creativity and cost-efficient services to survive and thrive during economic downturns. We have experienced triple digit growth since that time."

Taking tips from lessons learned from the last recession in 2001, Tem created the following "5 Key Tips for Business Owners: Using Your Website to Survive the Economic Downturn" to help fellow business owners weather the storm:

        1. Automate administrative business processes using your website

           Most businesses have back end administrative processes that they
           use to run their business. These processes often involve
           customer input collected through registration forms, application
           forms, surveys, and other tools.  Use your website to automate
           these processes by placing them online.  By automating manual
           administrative processes using your website, you'll reduce the
           amount of time needed to manage this data, freeing you to focus
           on more important things like sales and marketing.

        2. Use your website to expand beyond your geography

           The geographic reach of the internet is often overlooked. For
           the first time, small businesses can compete nationally, even
           globally, with much larger businesses. If your business is
           geographically bound, you might think about offering a product
           that is not. This can diversify your business and increase the
           return on investment for your website.

        3. Create and maintain a dialogue with your customer base

           Take advantage of new communication tools the web provides like
           forums, blogs and email marketing. Businesses that maintain a
           dialogue with their customer base fare much better during
           downturns. For example, you can use a company blog to share tips
           and advice about running your business. By maintaining regular
           contact with your customers, you remain on customers' minds
           when they decide to buy again.

        4. Take advantage of macro trends like "death of the phonebook"

           These days, more people are using Google Maps to find local
           services. Google Local ( has the largest
           reach.  List your website with the local online directories. By
           being listed on local directories, you can capture your share of
           local searches at no charge and profit from the "death of the

        5. Narrow your focus

           If you are new to e-commerce, narrow your focus. Small business
           owners often want to get all their products online and spend too
           much initially getting started. Start with a small sampling of
           your most profitable products. This will allow you to test the
           waters for your product online. Once your website is producing
           revenue, you can reinvest the profits to expand your website.

About Tem Balanco and

Tem Balanco is co-founder and CEO of Sacramento, CA-based Tem immigrated to the United States from South Africa in 1986. He has lived and worked in Sacramento, California, since that time.

In 1997, at the age of 25, Tem started UniqueWeb, offering custom web design to Sacramento businesses. Although business was doing well, the summer of 2001 brought the .com collapse and tighter budgets for design clients. Tem joined forces with his brother, Tony Balanco, to found They expanded the offerings of UniqueWeb by adding web hosting services. And unlike other local web design companies that went out of business that year, Tem and Tony quickly transitioned their focus and continued and grew the business.

Today, provides an all-inclusive solution for web design and hosting. The company hosts over 10,000 small business customers nationwide and in several countries including Mexico, Japan and the UK. is profitable, debt-free and focused on high-quality customer service. All five of the company's employees and all servers and equipment are located in's Sacramento data center. More information can be found at

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