SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - December 2, 2008) - InsideView today announced that Synq Solutions, a leading provider of merchandising, training and marketing solutions, has implemented InsideView's unique on-demand Sales 2.0 application, SalesView, to equip its sales force with relevant intelligence on target accounts and maximize sales team productivity. SalesView, a leading Sales 2.0 application, combines social Web technologies and intelligence living across the Web with strong CRM mash-ups to arm sales teams with the insights needed to unearth profitable leads and close opportunities.

Synq's decision to integrate SalesView stemmed from their objective to improve the quality of their sales contact database, as well as to increase adoption of Microsoft Dynamics CRM by giving the sales team a good reason to interact with the tool on a regular basis. InsideView's tight integration into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the CRM solution currently deployed at Synq, was a key factor in choosing SalesView, as their sales teams can now receive news alerts, relationship analysis and real-time, intelligently aggregated research results from across the social Web directly within the CRM application already being deployed.

"We wanted to drive CRM adoption not just based on senior management mandate but by making the tool more valuable for the sales team," said Glenn Haertel, executive vice president at Synq Solutions. "SalesView brings a powerful layer of new capabilities, validation and relevant information directly into our CRM solution, which is a vital improvement during these challenging economic times."

Additionally, Synq chose to adopt SalesView due to the amount of time saved by infusing relevant industry news and updates into target account profiles and the credibility gained with prospects due to increased knowledge provided by the application. Synq's senior management team will also implement InsideView's comprehensive, real-time intelligence to gain competitive insights and stay abreast of industry trends.

"We are very excited to be bringing high-performance Sales 2.0 technology into Synq's daily sales and sales management process," said Rand Schulman, chief marketing officer at InsideView. "Synq recognizes the need to harness the incredible amount of data that is living on the social Web into their daily sales and research process, and we are excited to have such an innovative company integrate SalesView into its sales strategy."

InsideView, a Sales 2.0 thought leader, maximizes sales team productivity by delivering a one-stop shop for your prospecting needs and accelerates the sales cycle by enabling sales people to call the right prospects at the right time. InsideView's pioneering Business Search and Intelligence application, SalesView, brings together social data with enterprise-grade business search and intelligence capabilities to help sales teams automate prospecting and ultimately close more deals. SalesView presents relevant customer data discovered and distilled through web harvesting, specialized research providers and social networks, within the familiar context of enterprise applications like sales force automation systems.

About Synq Solutions

Synq Solutions is the nation's premier provider of merchandising and marketing solutions to some of the most recognized and respected brands in the world. Synq's expertise is the integration of technology with print production, fulfillment and distribution. Synq Solutions supplies and delivers precise, personalized marketing and promotional support -- right down to the individual store or field sales professional -- to help local markets deliver on their revenue goals without the wasted expense of over-production or needless shipping. Synq operates facilities located in the East and West corridors that are strategically placed to service the needs of their regional and national clients. Throughout Synq's 75-year heritage, they have been a pioneer in print and fulfillment solutions. For more information, visit

About InsideView

InsideView is a pioneer in on-demand Sales 2.0 applications, combining social Web technologies and intelligence living across the Web with strong CRM mash-ups to arm sales teams with the insights needed to discover profitable leads and close opportunities. InsideView's revolutionary Sales 2.0 platform enables automatic discovery and analysis of relevant personal, professional and corporate data, resulting in meaningful intelligence and customer engagement opportunities within the context of specific business processes. InsideView applications institutionalize repeatable, collaborative, and customer-enabled processes to drive sales productivity - - automating prospecting, accelerating sales cycles, and ultimately, resulting in more closed deals. The company is privately held and venture- backed by Emergence Capital Partners, Greenhouse Capital Partners and Rembrandt Venture Partners. InsideView's sales force automation partners include, Oracle Microsoft, SugarCRM and Landslide Technologies. InsideView's customers include Advantage Human Resources Inc., Ariba, Herman Miller, LucidEra, MJM Creative Inc., Omniture, Rearden Commerce, SuccessFactors and SynQ Solutions. Founded in 2005, InsideView is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit

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