BEVERLY HILLS, CA--(Marketwire - December 11, 2008) - Still reeling from the current economic crisis in this country, even the most secure among us are taking a second look at spending. As experienced by the incomparable Dr. Gabriel Chiu of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Inc., a recent shift in choices reveals a more discerning clientele, and an inclination toward frugality and a more creative beauty maintenance regime -- even among his most recognized, celebrated and well-to-do patients.

And yet there are specific corners these most particular individuals simply are not willing to cut or compromise on, nor should they be expected to. Beauty tops the Rich & Famous list, thus the always accommodating Dr. Chiu, while still maintaining his advanced, critically acclaimed surgical procedures, indulges his clients' beauty needs with these guilt-free, recession-friendly, and non-surgical beauty alternatives:

Instead of Fat Transfer to Hands under Anesthesia ($4000-$6000), some clients now opt for Radiesse Rejuvenated Hands ($1300). After the face, one's hands are the most obvious place to show signs of skin damage and aging. Restoring volume to the back of the hands can be performed with Radiesse injections in a quick, virtually painless, no downtime office procedure. Not only is it quicker than fat transfer, but done at a fraction of the cost! Results are smoother than fat transfer and do not change with weight gain or loss, like fat transfer.

Instead of Liposculpture ($3000/first area), some clients opt for Medical-Grade Compression Garments ($100-$150 per garment). Clients who are holding off on a liposculpture procedure can now wear medical-grade compression garments to smooth out the trouble areas of the body. Dr. Chiu offers customized compression garments that give patients the nip and tuck they need until they are ready for the permanent solution.

Instead of a traditional Face Lift ($10,000), some clients opt for Non-Surgical Lifts ($1500). When clients are not ready to drop $10K for a facelift, they will opt for a filler (such as Radiesse, Restylane or Juvederm) to the cheek area along with an advanced chemical peel over the face. The added volume will not only plump the cheekbones, but also lift the tissue away from the nasolabial folds. Advanced chemical peels, like VI Peel, will not only smooth out the fine wrinkles, but also reduce age spots and discoloration.

Instead of Rhinoplasty ($7500-$10,000), some clients opt for a Non-Surgical Nose Job ($650). Clients who are bothered by unsightly curves or depressions of their noses, or by their drooping nasal tips, now opt for a simple in-office procedure performed with the use of a filler. With precise manipulation, Dr. Chiu re-shapes and contours a nose without the knife!

Instead of a Brow Lift ($8000), some clients opt for a Botox Lift ($150). Dr. Chiu can lift the lateral brow with just 2-3 units per eye of Botox to give the patient's arch a better shape and make the eyes look more open and brighter.

Instead of a Neck Lift ($7000), many opt for Botox & Peel ($260 per band; $400 for VI Peel). Dr. Chiu uses Botox to relax the muscle bands of the neck, which creates a smoother neck. Many clients then undergo a chemical peel to get rid of that crepe paper look as well!

Within the confines of the current economic climate, Dr. Chiu is witnessing his well-to-do patients turn toward financially viable methods of recapturing youth, enhancing physiques, and rejuvenating their features.

"In this economy, even the wealthiest women have to make a decision between that coveted Hermes purse and looking the age she feels. Of course, I tell them they can have the best of both worlds by opting for a Chanel and seeing me for a recession-friendly treatment!" states Dr. Chiu.

Check out all of these procedures at Maintaining a refreshed look is about creative choices, as it should not cost a million bucks to look like one.

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