SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - December 15, 2008) - The TimeBridge Personal Scheduling Assistant continues its strong viral growth, eclipsing 200,000 users at more than 12,000 businesses who have turned to TimeBridge to solve their scheduling dilemmas and help share availability across time zones, calendars and companies. During the past year, TimeBridge has grown more than 30% each month, doubling every 3 months.

"TimeBridge is far and away the world's largest scheduling network, providing both visibility into the availability of colleagues, friends and family, as well and the necessary tools to automate the hassle of scheduling meetings with them," said Yori Nelken, founder and CEO of TimeBridge. "Every week we're adding on average 10,000 new users who are eagerly integrating it into their lives to save time and increase their productivity. This accelerated growth points directly to the time-suck of scheduling in people's lives and how useful TimeBridge is."

In a recent survey of TimeBridge users, 90% percent said they have recommended TimeBridge to friends and colleagues. This level of satisfaction and spirit of collaboration marks the spread of TimeBridge use from one busy professional to another.

TimeBridge has also received a bevy of glowing reviews from journalists, bloggers and users. This year TimeBridge was ranked one of Gartner's "Cool Vendors in the High-Performance Workplace, 2008," (April 4, 2008, Gartner, Inc.), and received an 85 out of 100 point review from PCWorld. Recent commentary includes:

-- Chris Sherrod: "Stop wasting time scheduling time! Use TimeBridge to schedule your next meeting. It's fast and easy. So far I love the service and it is reducing time me or my assistant spend scheduling appointment times." -- Abundance Unlimited, November 9, 2008

-- Mark Gibbs: "TimeBridge scores really big in its two-way integration with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and iCal-based systems. This is definitely the best scheduling service I've seen so far and raises the bar very high for competitors. I'll give TimeBridge a 'Way Cool' out of 10." -- Network World, October 29, 2008

-- "Timebridge rocks and has saved me countless hours of back and forth emails." -- Anonymous TimeBridge user, October 2008

In addition to integration with the three top calendar applications -- Outlook, Google and Apple iCal -- as well as mobile support, TimeBridge's 200,000 users are also offered many other productivity features to further simplify the scheduling process. All users can sign up to receive the newly-released Daily Brief, a digest of the upcoming day's meetings sent to the user's inbox every day, which includes key information to improve and automate meeting preparation and productivity. Additionally, organizers and attendees can include a free conference call number, make a restaurant reservation and map their meeting location all from within the TimeBridge application. Outlook, Google and Apple iCal users can also share their availability with anyone with their custom personal availability link.

TimeBridge works with any email application and meeting attendees need not sign up with TimeBridge to respond to meeting invites. Visit TimeBridge to simplify your scheduling today.

About TimeBridge

TimeBridge has created the first Personal Scheduling Assistant to give busy professionals a faster, more efficient way to schedule their time. TimeBridge's one-step scheduling is the most efficient way to schedule meetings with large groups or individuals across time zones, calendaring systems and companies. TimeBridge allows users to easily schedule meetings, share their availability with others, and connect directly with calendars including Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple iCal. While online calendars help users track their time, TimeBridge facilitates the social, and often complex process of getting busy people together -- in person, on the phone or online. TimeBridge is backed by blue-chip venture capital firms Mayfield Fund and Norwest Venture Partners. For more information, go to

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