MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - February 2, 2009) - Alternet Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: ALYI), a leader in e-ticketing and mobile transactions services, today issued the following letter to shareholders from Chairman and CEO, Henryk Dabrowski.

Dear Alternet Shareholders:

The team at Alternet Systems is planning some exciting changes and additions to our product and service lines designed to further enhance our revenues and add to shareholder value. We have spent a considerable amount of time over the past year establishing the right partnerships to expand and diversify Alternet's offerings and to successfully accomplish the change of the Company. Since early 2008, the objectives and goals defined by our management team and approved by our Board of Directors have been 100% accomplished.

We entered into a joint venture with TCPS, the largest provider of Contactless Fare Collection products and services in China. The result of this joint venture is Transtech Sino America, Inc. with which we have secured contracts in Central America, and we are currently prospecting multiple opportunities in South America and the Caribbean. We expect that 2009 will allow us to close additional prospecting opportunities. In conjunction with UTIBA, a leading mobile transaction platform provider located in Singapore, we entered into a Letter of Intent to set the basis for our future initiatives in the M-Commerce area. Under the agreement, Alternet will provide local management, business development, technical support and the required funding, while UTIBA will provide technical support, its proprietary software, operational and commercial expertise. We have also been quite active in researching additional markets and applications for our future M-Commerce offering. We expect to finish the financial models by March 2009 and correspondingly start to execute the first agreements with potential customers. Specifically, we will be offering a suite of platforms and services to the Money Remittance, Microfinance and Micropayment industries in the Americas and the Caribbean.

We have used the knowledge that we have acquired over the last year to precisely define our existing and future services and product lines, and to establish the organization and resources to quickly transform into revenues. It is truly exciting to have Alternet Systems ready to participate in these revolutionary and rapid growth market segments.

We will soon be making formal announcements regarding our revised service and product strategy including our joint ventures and partnerships, contracts and increased revenue projections.

We see many applications for our offerings across multiple markets and believe these will be strong potential revenue streams for us moving through 2009.

In 2008 we engaged the services of Red River Advisors, a seasoned micro and small cap public relations and investor relations team. During the initial stage of the financial crisis, we decided to weather that period and focus on finalizing our operational objectives for the year. This year, their team will be helping us expand Alternet's public awareness, providing current and future investors with updated information, as well as communicating with the market.

Our organization is happy to announce that Mr. Wei Xiu, Chairman of TCPS, has officially moved to Miami, Florida. He will undertake the CEO role at our joint venture, Transtech Sino America, overseeing its operations and building the operational team to integrate TCPS operations in China and Alternet's resources. This is a show of trust and commitment to the joint venture and to our common vision. Mr. Xiu holds a Ph.D. in International Finance and is well recognized as a leader in the Prepaid Fare Collection industry in China. He was responsible for the expansion of TCPS into more than 80 cities in China and initiated the international expansion in 2004.

Our management is aware of the challenges ahead. We also understand that the current worldwide financial crisis is a potential threat to our business. Our management team is comprised of seasoned professionals with international experience, who have managed through periods of financial, political and social crisis. Based on the team's collective experience, we all agree it is also a time of opportunity and potentially high profits. Our TCPS partners say that in China, the word 'crisis' is also used to express 'opportunity.'

We are very excited about these and other upcoming developments, and believe we now have the right service and product set to significantly grow our revenues and enhance shareholder value. It is going to be an exciting year for our Company and our shareholders. We look forward to sharing our excitement with you over the upcoming weeks as we provide more details of this revised and enhanced product and distribution strategy.

Thank you for your continued support,
Henryk Dabrowski
Chairman and CEO

Alternet Systems, Inc.

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