HONG KONG--(Marketwire - February 11, 2009) - AEP Networks today announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with MobileTech Limited, an active distributor of security and networking products in Greater China. Under the terms of the agreement, MobileTech will extend the distribution of AEP Networks' integrated portfolio of security products: AEP Netilla SSL VPN, AEP SmartGate and AEP Keyper, in addition to its existing distribution of AEP Networks' communications products.

"The market in Greater China is developing at a tremendous rate and the requirement for highly secure networking systems can only increase over time. MobileTech has an established relationship with Vados and that will extend and develop further with AEP Networks' range of security products," said Aiden Whiteman, Head of Solutions Asia Pacific for AEP Networks.

"We have been AEP/Vados' valued added distributor on the communications products since 2005. With AEP's security and networking products, we can leverage its full range of products to serve our clients with superior quality solutions from a single supplier," said Sam Lam, CEO of MobileTech.

The AEP Netilla SSL VPN quickly and securely makes business applications remotely available to employees and partners. With AEP SmartGate, organizations can rapidly deploy an application gateway security solution that can support thousands of simultaneous users. AEP Keyper allows for generation, storage and use of high quality keys within a tamper reactive, FIPS-certified Hardware Security Module.

MobileTech has been working with AEP/Vados for years and has the following references:

1.  Hong Kong -
      --  EFT Switch - Member banks connect to the EFT Switch via vadACCESS
          using TCP/IP and X.25
      --  Lottery - Terminals connecting to data centre with vadACCESS
          using TCP/IP and X.25
      --  Enterprises - Converged voice, fax and data communications using
      --  PKI references - Securities Sector, Local Banks, CAs in Hong Kong
2.  China -
       --  PBOC (Peoples' Bank of China) - megaWatch for network monitoring
           for 500 nodes with a production site in Beijing and a DR site in
       --  Finance - Retail Banking network by TCP/IP over X.25
       --  Telco - Connectivity of member banks to EFT payment switch

With the captioned references in the region, AEP Networks assigns MobileTech as the value added distributor for the Greater China region.

About MobileTech Limited

MobileTech is a solution and service provider with the mission to provide a secure platform and service for e-Commerce and m-Commerce to end users in the Greater China region. MobileTech has a team of dedicated professionals providing end-to-end secure solutions serving the Banking, Telco, Government and Corporate industries. For more information, visit www.mobiletech.com.hk

About AEP Networks

AEP Networks offers secure communications and networking for government, enterprise and carriers. We work with systems integrators, managed service providers and the distribution channel to deliver integrated solutions incorporating our leading edge products:

--  Enhanced-grade secure voice and multi-service data platforms (based on
    the vadOS operating system) that support a wide range of communications
    protocols and network topologies
--  High assurance networking via IPSec-based VPN encryptors for site-to-
    site security and remote access
--  Secure remote access to networks and applications - including virtual
    environments - via application-layer security gateways and SSL VPNs
--  Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) for cryptographic key management and

Headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, AEP Networks has key hub offices in the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Australia. For more information, visit www.aepnetworks.com