MALIBU, CA--(Marketwire - February 19, 2009) - To help the droves of jobless young professionals seeking admission into leading business schools as a result of the economic meltdown, MBA admissions consulting leader Veritas Prep has released a white paper designed to help applicants craft successful business school applications despite having experienced a layoff.

"Given today's business headlines, it is no surprise that many business school applicants are grappling with the question of how to prepare winning applications despite having lost their jobs," explains Scott Shrum, director of MBA admissions research at Veritas Prep. "However, MBA admissions officers read the headlines, and they know what has happened to thousands of high-potential professionals this year. If an applicant can craft an effective story that takes the emphasis off of his or her layoff, admissions officers will see that candidate's true potential no matter what tough hand they have been dealt in the professional landscape."

"The Laid-Off Professional's Guide to MBA Admissions" addresses a variety of tactics prospective students can utilize to overcome the stigma often attached to job loss. By emphasizing three messages in the business school application, applicants can demonstrate to admissions officers that, despite a layoff, they embody the core qualities of a desirable candidate:

    1) Now is the right time. An applicant should explain that the decision
       to apply is the result of a well-conceived plan, not the knee-jerk
       reaction of someone who fears a period of unemployment or
       underemployment. If admissions officers sense the student falls
       into the latter camp, they will likely pass over the application
       and move on to candidates with more compelling reasons for wanting
       to earn an MBA.
    2) They are a star, not a victim. Essays, letters of recommendation
       and admission interviews allow an applicant to highlight multiple
       professional success stories. Pointing to career achievements
       paints the picture of a perennial winner who just happened to be in
       the wrong place at the wrong time when jobs had to be cut.
    3) They made lemonade out of lemons. Did they use their newfound free
       time to volunteer or take a night class to hone skill areas? While
       reporting on these accomplishments may seem less attractive than
       boasting about a position on the corporate ladder, admissions
       officers appreciate when applicants demonstrate productivity during
       any extended period of time off between jobs.

"The Laid-Off Professional's Guide to MBA Admissions" is the first installment of The Veritas Prep Recovery Series, a collection of resources designed to help prospective business students overcome various challenges in the application process and gain admission into leading programs. The white paper is available in its entirety at For more tips on creating successful business school applications or for information about Veritas Prep's MBA admissions consulting services, call 1 (800) 925-7737.

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