COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - February 19, 2009) - 23.2% of young Chinese (ages 18-34) feel they are worse off financially compared to a year ago, according to BIGresearch's Q4 2008 China Quarterly Survey (4,328 participants) ( The percentage that feel this way steadily increased each quarter of 2008, while the percent of those who feel they are better off declined.

Personal Financial Situation Compared to Last Year
(Chinese Consumers 18-34)

                  Q1 2008   Q2 2008   Q3 2008   Q4 2008
Better off         44.5%     41.6%     37.4%     28.0%
Worse off          13.4%     14.0%     19.2%     23.2%

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Further, despite China's strong economic growth in recent years, consumer confidence in the Chinese economy has declined for the 4th quarter in a row among young consumers, likely fueled by the collapse of the financial markets, decrease in exports and recession in the U.S. and Europe.

Confidence in China Economy
(Chinese Consumers 18-34)

                  Q1 2008   Q2 2008   Q3 2008   Q4 2008
Confident/         74.3%     65.0%     60.2%     47.4%
Very Confident

With young Chinese feeling the pinch when it comes to their personal finances and uncertainty in their economy, it appears they are also pulling back on spending. The number of consumers planning to spend more in key retail categories such as Women's Clothing and Grocery also decreased each quarter while those planning on spending less increased.

                  Q1 2008   Q2 2008   Q3 2008   Q4 2008
Women's Dress Clothing
More               33.7%     34.1%     31.9%     28.7%
Less               18.3%     17.0%     19.8%     21.3%

More               25.8%     25.5%     22.8%     21.6%
Less               16.5%     18.1%     19.5%     19.5%

Source: BIGresearch, China Quarterly Q1-Q4 2008

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