MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - February 19, 2009) - Blue Dasher Technologies today announced that the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan region is being added to its database of high-density 360-degree street-level images. The company's database of panoramic images of major U.S. population centers is licensed to third-party providers of commercial, industrial, government and consumer applications.

Blue Dasher's fleet of image capture vehicles will photograph every public street and highway in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and throughout Maricopa County during February. Launched in 2008, Blue Dasher has created the most advanced searchable database that allows users to explore and navigate a neighborhood from their PC.

Blue Dasher's image capture vehicles are equipped with digital camera arrays and sophisticated proprietary software for image geo-coding. Because images are recorded every eight to ten feet, the result is high-density photography that gives users unparalleled accuracy. When viewed online, the 360-degree images from Blue Dasher Technologies are seamless, creating an experience similar to driving down the street.

In addition, with Blue Dasher, users have access to exact addresses, which results in a much more useful tool for a host of applications, from economic development, commercial real estate research, zoning and code enforcement, and residential real estate assessment, to consumer applications, such as planning a trip online.

"Our street-level image technology was designed from the ground up to deliver a superior solution to both businesses and government agencies," said Michael Reidbord, president & CEO, Blue Dasher Technologies. "We continue to add metro areas across the country, and as elsewhere, are driving every single street in Maricopa County, including all 24 municipalities."

Blue Dasher is currently licensing its database of major metropolitan areas in several states including Florida, California, Nevada and Colorado.

Blue Dasher Technologies draws on more than 20 years of work in the GIS and real estate industries. Previous companies founded by Blue Dasher principals built GIS solutions for the oil and gas industry and state and local governments, including the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the states of Louisiana and Florida.

Blue Dasher Technologies

Founded in 2007, Blue Dasher Technologies provides high quality, geo-coded, street-level, panoramic imagery and advanced image viewing technology. Expanding beyond the capabilities of first generation street-level imaging, Blue Dasher's patented technology delivers exact address matching and high-density photography that enables a realistic street drive. These features enable buildings and properties to be pinpointed for increased efficiency and permit true-to-life tours of residential and commercial areas. In addition, licensees have the ability to embed detailed information, such as multimedia, property data, or advertising into specific points within a geographic area. The company is based in Miami and is privately held. More information, including online demos, may be viewed at

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