SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - February 23, 2009) - Mochi Media, the world's largest online games network, today announced record growth during 2008 across all aspects of its business, as well as the launch of MochiAds Self-Serve Advertising, a new product providing small and medium-sized advertisers direct and flexible access to placing ads and offers within online games throughout Mochi Media's global network.

Mochi Media has seen enormous growth in the number of active games and game developers on its network since the beginning of the year, and doubled traffic on its MochiAds network of games to reach almost 100 million unique users each month. With more than 8,500 games and more than 2,000 developers, Mochi Media's tremendous growth in 2008 represents increasingly wide adoption of the company's Flash game monetization and distribution tools. During 2008, Mochi Media has:

-- Grown its developer community from 600 to over 2,100 Flash game creators

-- Built its content library from 1,800 to more than 8,600 casual games

-- Increased monthly audience reach from 48 million to 96 million uniques

The recent launch of MochiAds Self-Serve Advertising allows advertisers to run ads targeted by game category and user geography across MochiAds' global network of more than 8,500 online games. Mochi Media's unique technology embeds either display or video advertisements directly into virally distributed online games, which display to engaged gamers during game load and between levels. Because of their high engagement levels and rapidly growing audience, online games are increasingly attractive as a medium for advertisers. Click-through rates for online games are often as high as 5 percent, compared to online industry average click-through rates of less than 1 percent.

"We were very happy to see all of our key performance metrics exhibit very strong growth during 2008," said Mochi Media CEO George Garrick. "The launch of MochiAds Self-Serve Advertising opens up this unique ad channel for small and medium-sized advertisers who wish to reach consumers through games. Our technology, vision and people have positioned Mochi Media very well in the online games market, and we're going to continue to work hard to provide our developers, advertisers and publishers with the best tools possible to create a great experience for gamers as well as great opportunities for our partner communities."

Mochi Media's growth mirrors the broader trend of growth of online gaming, with more gamers turning to free games online rather than paying for console or downloadable games. comScore reported that online gaming sites have seen a 27 percent increase in its U.S. audience in 2008, with 86 million visitors in December compared to 78 million a year ago.

"The online gaming industry is experiencing a period of rapid growth because it delivers compelling and engaging content to consumers," said Allison Luong, Managing Director at Pearl Research. "That, coupled with the economic downturn where consumers are seeking out free and low-cost forms of gaming, will provide companies in the industry a great opportunity."

About Mochi Media

Mochi Media is the world's largest casual online game network, serving the needs of thousands of Flash developers, reaching almost 100 million unique users each month with a library of over 8,500 games, and enabling advertisers to reach engaged consumers with targeted display, text, and video ads. The company's MochiAds program provides developers with tools to track distribution and usage analytics, enable version control and live updates to distributed games, and provide real-time ad insertion for pre-game and in-game ads. MochiAds developers gain distribution opportunities to over 25,000 websites, as well as monetization opportunities by sharing in the ad revenue generated by their games. Mochi Media is headquartered in downtown San Francisco.

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