MENLO PARK, CA--(Marketwire - February 23, 2009) - Paglo (, the leading on-demand IT management company, announced today its new network management application with an interactive, Flash-based display of the network and traffic patterns. The application collects detailed data via NetFlow, a network protocol developed by Cisco Systems® for collecting IP traffic information. IT professionals can now automatically discover and store all of the IT data necessary to manage their network and infrastructure through one complete IT management platform.

Paglo provides detailed bandwidth usage reports that show top conversations between users and hosts that are consuming bandwidth and stores the data for trend analysis. Because Paglo is offered on-demand, it provides valuable insight into bandwidth usage across the enterprise without the complexity and expense involved with deploying dedicated hardware and software probes. Most significantly, Paglo starts at only $1 per device per month and can be used for network management, asset discovery, inventory management, server performance monitoring and more.

The new network monitoring and alerting functionality provides businesses with many great new features and cost savings benefits including:

* Monitors network traffic by capturing flow data from devices that support NetFlow

* Automatically captures and stores the data and identifies which users, applications and protocols are consuming the most bandwidth

* Provides rich visualization of what's happening through an interactive, traffic flow map and detailed charts and tables

* Accelerates troubleshooting network congestion and pinpointing the cause of network brown-outs through the ability to drilldown and search on any data

* Eliminates the need for onsite storage which ensures immediate access to trend data for optimal network use and informed capacity planning

* Identifies suspicious traffic patterns and excessive bandwidth utilization for security, compliance and auditing purposes

* Proactively monitors and alerts on Quality of Service (QoS) metrics to verify that Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are being met

The new network management application is included at no additional cost with the Paglo service. There is no hardware required or complex software to set up. The open source Paglo Crawler performs as a NetFlow collector and securely sends the collected data to an index for analysis. Each business has its own secure Paglo Search Index that keeps the information completely separate and private from every other user. Existing customers can take advantage of the new functionality immediately.

"Paglo is the single IT management platform businesses need to ensure operational excellence," said Paglo CEO, Brian de Haaff. "We have taken IT management to the next level by including at no additional cost detailed network information, so network managers can visualize network traffic and avoid downtime. Within a few minutes of signing up, customers can automatically record large amounts of NetFlow data and visualize what's happening, while eliminating storage costs."

For more information and to sign up at no cost to try Paglo and the new network management application with the traffic visualizer, please visit

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