LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - February 26, 2009) - Make Believe Media USA announced screenings of "Beyond the Epic Run" in nine major running communities across the nation. The film depicts the true story of ultra runner, Serge Roetheli, who completes a five year, 25,000 mile world run and his wife, Nicole, who follows behind him on a small motorcycle and films their entire journey.

The film is set to be released in late spring 2009. The cities chosen for screenings include, San Antonio, New York, Washington D.C. Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Denver, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Text "Run" to 38714 for videos from the film.

Thomas Sammon, the film's producer, describes the film as inspiring for anyone trying to overcome a challenge and encourages those who are able, to attend the screenings. "Serge and Nicole sold all their belongings and risked everything to fulfill their dream of running the world. We are excited to share their inspiring true story," Sammon said.

Dean Karnazes, known as "Ultramarathon Man," when interviewed as part of the film, said, "I think what Serge did was tremendous, not just because of the commitment, but the desire and will power to keep going, especially when things got problematic."

Screenings in San Antonio, New York, Washington D.C., Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Indianapolis have been set. Screenings in Denver, Seattle, and Los Angeles are yet to be confirmed with dates and times. For the most up to date screening info, visit www.beyondtheepicrunblog.com/movie/.

San Antonio         Feb. 26, 2009   7:30 p.m.   Bijou Crossroads
New York            March 2, 2009   7:30 p.m.   Anthology Film Archives
Washington D.C.     March 8, 2009   5 p.m.      Georgetown Washington
Minneapolis, Minn.  March 12, 2009  7:30 p.m.   University of Minneapolis
Milwaukee           March 16, 2009  7:30 p.m.   Times Cinema
Indianapolis        March 19, 2009  7:30 p.m.   Indianapolis Arts Center

"Beyond the Epic Run" is a feature length documentary reality film about a Swiss couple who live their dream to run the world. Together, Serge and Nicole Roetheli leave on an epic adventure that leads them out of Europe, through Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the United States. Running the equivalent of a marathon every other day, Serge, the endurance sports runner, runs more than 25,400 miles in five years, while wife Nicole rides her Yamaha motorcycle. Using their personal camera they capture the footage used in this film. Check out the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1C0a0jYTYQ.

Contact Information: Contact: Valerie Jennings 816-221-1040 annie@jenningspr.net