SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwire - February 27, 2009) - Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) Executive Director Timothy Quinn issued the following statement on the statewide drought emergency proclaimed today by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"The governor's unprecedented action today leaves no doubt that we are in a statewide drought that will affect everyone in California.

"Local water agencies have known for some time that the dual problems of drought and regulatory restrictions on water deliveries are putting us in critical territory this year. Urban customers of the Central Valley Project can expect only a 50% supply. State Water Project urban agencies will receive only 15%. These agencies are responding with aggressive steps to reduce water use, including a growing list that are adopting mandatory rationing and tight restrictions on water use.

"Agricultural water agencies are facing a situation that's even more dire, with water deliveries completely cut for many Central Valley Project contractors and a meager 15% supply also expected for State Water Project agricultural customers. That's a devastating outlook for California's agricultural economy and the pistachios, almonds, tomatoes, melons, avocados and other crops California provides to the rest of the nation.

"ACWA members will continue to do their part to achieve the governor's call for increased water conservation to reduce urban water use by 20%. We are partnering with the Department of Resources on a unified statewide campaign to alert Californians to the drought and how they can save water. We will also work to assist our agricultural members in responding to this dual crisis."

ACWA is a statewide association of public agencies whose 450 members are responsible for about 90% of the water delivered in California. For more information, visit

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