MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - March 2, 2009) - Jobs2Web, a Web 2.0 interactive recruiting solutions provider, today celebrated the signing of its 100th customer, Navy Federal Credit Union, the world's largest natural person credit union. This milestone further extends a successful year marked by tremendous growth for the company, which helps employers utilize Web 2.0 technology to hire talent inside or outside their company at lower costs than traditional recruitment solutions such as expensive job boards.

Dan Mueller, Supervisor of Recruiting and Selection at Navy Federal Credit Union, stated, "As we looked at the trends in the recruitment industry, we saw that search engine optimization and Web 2.0 tools were going to play a larger role in directing people to our career site. We also wanted to make sure we were posting our jobs where the job seekers were looking -- not just major search engines and job boards, but also social networking sites."

He continued, "We knew we needed to change our model of recruiting, and Jobs2Web has the capabilities to get us where we want to be. Their ability to track the varied aspects of our recruiting efforts -- telling us where our candidates are coming from and ranking our career site and talent landing pages -- also will show us how we can be most effective with our recruiting dollars."

Jobs2Web's innovative Web 2.0 recruiting solutions help companies drive talent directly to their career sites online from major search engines such as Google, and social networking giants like Facebook. It also utilizes job matching and emailing systems to increase the internal marketing of openings within any company. Their solutions include the Recruitment Marketing Platform, the Recruiting Dashboard™, Social Network Recruiting, Talent Community Building technologies, Employee Referral Marketing, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) 2.0. The company's interactive recruitment marketing solutions enable companies to build their own talent communities of candidates instead of having to rely on costly job boards and other more expensive means of sourcing candidates.

"Since we began offering our solutions in 2003, we've worked with a variety of customers -- from global consulting organizations to local government agencies. Our client list includes major technology, engineering, pharmaceutical and medtech companies, the largest national retailers, and well recognized healthcare providers. In addition to welcoming our 100th client -- the Navy Federal Credit Union -- we are also proud to celebrate our 40th healthcare client -- Washington Hospital Center -- which demonstrates the value we provide to all types of companies looking to capitalize on the new wave of interactive recruiting," stated Ken Holec, Jobs2Web's Chief Executive.

Holec added, "Even during turbulent economic conditions, businesses are advanced by making the best possible hires. Every headcount counts, so organizations are turning to Jobs2Web to make sure they're quickly connecting with the right candidates to engage and onboard them before their competition does. Compared to alternate solutions, Jobs2Web is a solution that can help significantly reduce costs in the current economic storm."

More information about Jobs2Web's interactive recruiting solutions and career site optimization is available at www.jobs2Web.com.

About Jobs2Web

Jobs2Web is a leading provider of interactive recruiting solutions. The company develops and implements the innovative technologies and services that enable employers to leverage their investments in their own career sites to attract, capture and communicate with the exploding base of interactive job seekers. Through Jobs2Web's solutions, employers can improve recruiter effectiveness and provide measurable results, translating into increased quality of hires, reduced time to fill and a ready pipeline of passive candidates.

Founded in 2003, Jobs2Web is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn. Jobs2Web's executive team includes several of the world's foremost sourcing and recruiting experts. More information can be accessed at www.jobs2web.com.