MENLO PARK, CA--(Marketwire - March 2, 2009) - Teens today find themselves facing more pressures than ever before. The advent of new technologies, the pitfalls of social networking sites, and a flagging economy trouble teens as much as adults.

But Ketaki Shriram, who managed to publish her first novel, "Sorceress of the Himalayas" (; Crystallius Press, $17.95) at age 16, has some advice to help teens through.

Read More -- "Read, read, read," Ketaki said. "Read newspapers, books and magazines. Pick a genre that you like and buy 5 novels. If you liked The Matrix, you'd love George Orwell's 1984, one of the inspirations for The Matrix."

Get involved -- The youth vote tipped the scales in favor of Barack Obama in the last election. "Young people were strong enough to change the course of an entire country," according to Ketaki. "Imagine how much good we could do if we all volunteered our time to charity at least once a week."

Do something outdoors -- Teens today are spending too much time shackled to their computers, iPods and cell phones. When weather permits, get outside for at least a few minutes every day.

Talk to your parents -- Many problems between parents and teens revolve around lack of communication. "The more you talk to them about your day, activities, social life and yes, even your boyfriend/girlfriend, the more they will feel involved in your life," Ketaki said.

Stay informed -- There is no excuse for being ill-informed about the world around you. "Know who your leaders are," she said. "Know what's going on in your town, your state, your country and your world. The only way to be a part of it is to know what's going on."

"Taking control of your own life is up to each of us," Ketaki added. "The earlier we master it, the better our adult lives will be."

About Ketaki Shriram

Ketaki Shriram has been crafting compelling stories from the tender age of eight, when she completed her first short story for a local book fair. Over the next few years her love of writing grew so intense that by age 10 she had completed her first long form fictional story. By 13 she had completed her first novel, "Sorceress of the Himalayas" (Crystallius Press, $17.95), which she published at age 16.

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