BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - March 3, 2009) - uTest, the world's largest software testing marketplace, is capitalizing on the growing mobile applications market by providing developers with professional QA services via its global community of professional testers.

With more than 14,000 professional testers from 150 countries around the world, uTest enables mobile application developers to get comprehensive testing coverage based on location, language, handset manufacturer, wireless carrier, operating system, and more. This global testing coverage has made uTest an ideal option for mobile developers looking to bring higher quality applications to market faster.

1Cast, the revolutionary broadcast platform that delivers up-to-the-minute news video on the desktop and smart phone platforms such as the iPhone and Android, has been working with uTest for the past few months and has already seen the benefits of using a crowdsourced QA team. Their latest smart phone application was delivered on schedule and budget, and was met with positive reviews from the mobile community.

"uTest has helped 1Cast move through the development and testing cycle efficiently and gain a competitive edge by accelerating our product's time to market with a thoroughly tested application," said Travis McElfresh, vice president of technology at 1Cast. "uTest has proven to be a very cost-effective option for our testing and QA needs."

Mobile developers face unique challenges that need to be addressed quickly. In a world of iPhones, Android devices and BlackBerries, it is prohibitively expensive and time consuming for companies to find QA professionals who are capable of providing adequate testing coverage in a timely manner.

"The mobile application space is incredibly dynamic -- it's growing exponentially in popularity and level of competition. Yet, many of the standards that exist in web development don't yet exist in mobile," said Doron Reuveni, CEO and co-founder of uTest. "The number of testing permutations across handset makers, carriers, operating systems, browsers and locations is mind boggling. uTest works closely with these companies to help them bring their mobile apps to market faster and bug-free."

uTest provides real-time access to testers with a wide range of locations, languages and platforms, specifically important to mobile app developers; having many unique dimensions in a testing matrix is a reality (and a daunting task) for mobile developers. uTest's crowdsourced testing environment allows for developers to gain a competitive advantage, which in today's marketplace is crucial.

uTest enables its companies to launch higher quality applications, get to market faster, and control the cost of its software testing. The company's pay-per bug model represents an evolution in traditional software application testing.

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About uTest

uTest is the world's largest marketplace for software testing services. The company provides real-world testing services through its community of 14,000+ professional testers from 150 countries around the world. More than 400 companies -- from web start-ups to enterprise software firms -- have signed up for the uTest marketplace.

uTest enables companies to launch higher quality products; get their desktop, web and mobile applications to market faster; and control the cost of testing. Customers specify their QA requirements for tester experience, location, language, OS and browser, and uTest selects the right testers for each project. Companies pay only for those bugs that they approve. More information can be found at

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