NEWBURYPORT, MA--(Marketwire - March 4, 2009) - Solid Access Technologies, a leading provider of I/O acceleration appliances, today published 2009 pricing on for its new generation of DRAM Solid State Disk products, the USSD Series. Solid Access will be showcasing USSD solutions at FOSE 2009, Tuesday, March 10th - 12th, in Booth 2717, in Washington, DC. Universal Solid State Disk (USSD) is the first DRAM SSD in its category designed as an open system architecture appliance. The economies of scale advantage of using unmodified server hardware components allows Solid Access to guarantee lower prices than proprietary designs by a wide margin while offering equivalent or better performance. The Solid Access platform also promotes faster innovation in areas such as interface support and capacity density, where significant recent achievements include 256GB in 1U and a 1TB tower in 4U.

In 2008, privately held Solid Access, operating with zero debt or VC involvement, grew sales by more than 400 percent despite the economic downturn, and realized the largest one time order of DRAM rack mount SSD technology in the commercial sphere, deploying 28 USSD 200s in support of Samsung Securities' trading operations.

"We are ecstatic about the earned trust from large organizations such as Samsung Securities, who are leveraging our technology to gain competitive advantage," stated Tomas Havrda, managing director, Solid Access. "The most exciting shift in the marketplace, however, is that IT managers of small and midsize companies are starting to evaluate DRAM SSD technology correctly: Value is not in 'GBs per dollar' but in delivering massive data throughput and I/O bandwidth to business critical applications in a transparent and non-disruptive way. Solid Access estimates there are thousands of companies in the SMB space globally, as well as public sector entities, with small block size transaction-intensive database IOPS performance issues or large block video or image-related data bandwidth problems that would quickly benefit from the measured addition of DRAM SSD technology."

Solid Access customers have experienced significant productivity gains and recouped their acquisition cost almost overnight, using easily quantifiable metrics, by strategically placing small amounts of their most dense I/O application subsets on a USSD. As a true plug and play device, no special drivers or changes to existing environments are required.

Solid Access has published a new case study ( describing the impact of the USSD solution: A mapping company using a well known data management software product to handle 160 TB of images and supporting files reduced search times from minutes to seconds by placing application metadata on a 16 GB USSD device, with no training or tuning. The addition of only 1/10,000 of the total storage volume decreased access time by 95 percent. As the resulting instant labor productivity gain was over $8,000 per month, payback for two USSD devices was achieved in less than 3 months, providing almost $100,000 in annual labor productivity gains thereafter. The USSD 200 16 GB is currently a Special Offer; the first ultra-fast DRAM SSD rack mount system obtainable for less than $10,000.

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About Solid Access

Based in Newburyport, Mass., privately held Solid Access Technologies was incorporated in 2002, with a mission to lead the ultra-fast SSD category by adhering to a philosophy of reliance on industry standards in both sharable technology and the use of widely available components. Its flagship product USSD 320 supports up to 300,000 IOPS and 4 GB per second sustained bandwidth. Its performance is equal to 300 conventional disk drives and consumes approximately 90 percent less power as a markedly more energy efficient, "green" storage offering. Solid Access is differentiated from the other Solid State Disk technology, Flash SSD, by its ability to seamlessly perform I/O operations on any type of data without performance compromises or product limited life expectancy concerns.

Contact Information: For More Information: Michael Emerton (on behalf of Solid Access Technologies) BridgeView Marketing (603) 766-3688