NOVATO, CA--(Marketwire - March 5, 2009) - ClairMail, Inc., the leader in 2-way mobile banking and payment solutions that enable complete control over finances from any mobile phone, today announced that banks using the ClairMail System are experiencing tremendous adoption and usage, with some banks getting well over 90% of mobile banking consumers signing up for and receiving bank-defined and user-defined 2-way alerts. This clearly demonstrates that consumers are deriving exceptional value from ClairMail's alerting capability, a key driver for a successful mobile banking and payments solution.

From the beginning, ClairMail bank customers have consistently encountered strong adoption for alerts. Early deployments saw over 50% of mobile banking enrollees also signing up for alerts; in some recent cases, this percentage has climbed to more than 90% of consumers enrolling in mobile banking electing to receive alerts. The majority of consumers are signing up for multiple alerts, underscoring the strong value and personalization inherent in the ClairMail solution.

"Banks and credit unions able to provide time-sensitive, informational SMS alerts that affect account status will experience higher adoption of the mobile channel and give consumers the control they desire," said James Van Dyke, Founder and President of Javelin Research. "The 2-way, dynamic, real-time nature of alerts in the mobile channel is the primary factor that separates this from the online channel and proves a value to consumers to encourage adoption."

ClairMail is the first and only solution provider capable of delivering 2-way mobile banking and payments functionality on all mobile phones given the ubiquitous and instantaneous nature of SMS. The ClairMail System incorporates a powerful Event Engine which can efficiently and cost-effectively handle the potential transaction volumes from banks of any size and generate and deliver next generation, 2-way actionable alerts in real-time.

ClairMail's unique solution is capable of enabling consumers to receive 2-way alerts and to take action with a simple SMS reply in order to resolve issues directly on their mobile phone. The Event Engine possesses the intelligence to manage sessions and can correctly match each reply with the corresponding alert. For instance, if a consumer receives multiple actionable alerts but only replies to one, the ClairMail System is able to track and determine which specific alert the customer is responding to. In essence, the ClairMail System mediates the conversation.

"In the current economic environment, it's clear that consumers want more control over their finances," said Pete Daffern, CEO of ClairMail. "As evidenced by our strong adoption and usage results, consumers receive tremendous value when banks deliver important information to them in a timely manner. Furthermore, this valuable self-service capability will be enhanced greatly when consumers are offered the ability to easily take care of the task directly from their mobile phones."

The ClairMail Event Engine offers a broad set of alert types that consumers can opt-in to receive to prevent fraud, ease account management and enable mobile payments and other transactions. Additionally, consumers can set preferences for the triggers (dollar thresholds or event occurrences that activate alerts), frequency (when and how often alerts are received) and delivery option (SMS and/or email) for their alerts. The ClairMail System is also capable of escalation and can be integrated with other systems such as Interactive Voice Response systems, providing banks with a multitude of ways to serve consumers.

As noted in a press release from November 2008, the ClairMail System is seeing tremendous adoption and continued growth, with over 12 mobile banking transactions conducted every month per consumer. This is more than three times greater than the monthly transactions per consumer found in published reports from other mobile banking solutions. Moreover, financial institutions using the ClairMail System have seen upwards of 25% adoption by online banking consumers, far exceeding competitive offerings.

ClairMail was recently recognized as a leader in the mobile banking and payments industry by TowerGroup. ClairMail was positioned as having the highest strategic extensibility of any vendor and one of the best market execution ratings given its strategic partnerships and strong customer list.

About ClairMail

ClairMail is the only comprehensive 2-way mobile solution for banking, payments and card services. Deployed either on-premise or as a managed service, the ClairMail System works on any mobile phone or wireless carrier. ClairMail empowers financial institutions to provide bank customers with complete control over their finances through easy and immediate account management, secure transactions and real-time 2-way Actionable Alerts. Only ClairMail offers a broad range of 2-way Actionable Alerts (e.g. for suspicious account activity, bill payment due, etc.) that enable customers to instantly resolve issues by replying from their mobile phones. Unlike other proprietary and inflexible point solutions which lack the application intelligence to generate and deliver 2-way actionable alerts, the ClairMail System is a turnkey, standards-based offering that seamlessly and securely integrates with existing systems, delivers the fastest time to value and provides an alternative to more costly channels like call centers and IVR. Founded in 2004, ClairMail is headquartered in Novato, Calif. The company is privately held and funded by Norwest Venture Partners, Outlook Ventures and JAFCO Ventures. For more information call (415) 884-7270 or

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