MILPITAS, CA--(Marketwire - March 5, 2009) - Looking to expand their presence across the U.S., EQA Office Furniture has joined as a nationwide strategic partner. In this new position, EQA will be able to better help commercial brokers and building tenants by offering both parties instant access to tools, information, and services that make the move to a new space easier.

When a business owner is looking for a new space, they can use to assist in their search. Once the prospective tenant has identified a few new locations, the tenant or commercial broker can use the tools provided by EQA to simplify the process even more. These tools include free CAD space planning, free design work, and free development of a per square foot furniture price customized to the client for use during the touring stage.

"EQA knows how difficult it can be when you need to move into a new space. The difficulty increases tenfold when you need to visualize how all of your furniture will fit in," says Bruce Mallet of EQA. "We want to empower both business owners and brokers by offering them information and services that are guaranteed to make the overall process much easier."

Some of the more powerful tools offered by EQA Office Furniture include space and cost calculators. Designed to help brokers explain the cost of a space to a business owner or building landlord, the calculators help determine:

-- How much space is required - This calculator considers how many employees now and in the future and helps to determines the square footage that is necessary to accommodate the business.

-- Cost per square foot - Looking at every cost involved, this calculator breaks down the total cost that a company will face on a cost per square foot basis to purchase or lease its furniture.

-- Cost per square foot in a lease - This final calculator will determine the total cost for a business during its lease period.

After detailed space programming and cost analysis for each furniture configuration, EQA provides an installed, turnkey solution for any office furniture requirement. With a worldwide network of manufacturers, EQA has been able to flatten its supply chain and is able to offer extremely low prices, making the office furniture buying experience very affordable.

"We are delighted to have EQA as a valued partner for the many companies and real estate brokers using our vertical search engine to source available commercial property online. Very few office furniture providers are capable of turning around free detailed space programming on demand like this, and even fewer companies are capable of providing high quality furniture systems at such a low price point," offered Jon Condrey, CEO of

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