SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - March 31, 2009) - ShoreTel® (NASDAQ: SHOR), a leading provider of Pure IP Unified Communications (UC) solutions, today announced the immediate availability of the ShoreTel Web Service Software Development Kit (SDK) for the creation of advanced, integrated applications.

The ShoreTel Web Service SDK leads the industry in developer-friendly design, having been validated against multiple popular programming languages, and proven to be truly compliant with industry standards for maximum interoperability. In addition, its unique and sophisticated eventing model offers developers unprecedented flexibility for building a wide range of advanced applications for the ShoreTel system.

The SDK is being released to the ShoreTel Developer Network, and reinforces ShoreTel's commitment to simplifying UC component integration by enabling software developers to build advanced integrated applications on ShoreTel's open system, using commonly known and widely accepted techniques to further their UC and communications-enabled business process (CEBP) strategies. Increasingly, companies are integrating UC capabilities into their business processes to foster increased collaboration, bolster productivity and help reduce costs.

Many enterprises consider CEBP to be one of the key benefits of voice over IP technology, and the ShoreTel Web Service SDK enables companies, value-added resellers (VARs) and system integrators to develop custom CEBP solutions using the programming languages and platforms of choice.


--  The ShoreTel Web Service SDK extends access to ShoreTel UC
    capabilities to all popular programming languages and operating system
--  The new Web Service SDK simplifies development of feature-rich,
    browser-based "thin client" Web applications with URL-based click-to-call
    support, as well as thick client applications running on disparate
--  The Web Service SDK is compliant with all related industry standards,
    and a number of software tools are available to automatically generate
--  Highlights include state management and support of flexible telephony
    event delivery for bandwidth-sensitive deployments.


Ken Bowman, Director of Information Management, DKI Services Corporation:

"The ShoreTel Web Service SDK is a welcome addition to the powerful tools that enable us to build value-add integrations. We have a number of users who are running Linux desktops and need to access ShoreTel's ShoreWare Call Manager client functionality. This new kit provides an XML/SOAP interface that enables us to automatically generate calling functionality via our current Linux/Apache/PHP platforms over a Web-based interface, and provide all users with the advanced communications functions they need to be more productive and responsive."

Maura Higgins, Director, Professional Services, ShoreTel:

"One of ShoreTel's core values is to develop our distributed IP Unified Communications as an open platform for making communications-enabled business processes a reality in the enterprise. By supporting open standards and an open architecture, the new ShoreTel Web Service SDK offers increased flexibility, broadening its appeal and making it easier for more companies and our growing Technology Partner community to integrate a variety of best-of-breed solutions, and bring ShoreTel Unified Communications capabilities into the hearts of organizations however best suits their needs."


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