Dr. Colin Ross Expects to Have the Last Laugh, Accepts Tongue-in-Cheek "Award" From James Randi Educational Foundation

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - April 14, 2009) - Noted psychiatrist and author Colin A. Ross, M.D., whose research into a new science and medicine focused on the human body's electromagnetic field is described in his new book "Human Energy Fields" (ISBN-13: 978-0-9821851-0-0), is proving to have a good sense of humor. He has accepted the "Pigasus Award" from the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) (www.randi.org) with a smile.

The Pigasus Award is given each year, "To the scientist or academic who said or did the silliest thing related to the supernatural, paranormal or occult." Dr. Ross' 2009 Pigasus Award stems from his ability to focus his own electromagnetic field to send a beam of energy from his eyes and make a tone sound out of a speaker. He has applied to the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge administered by the JREF.

The JREF has ridiculed Dr. Ross since he filed his challenge application. James Randi wrote on his web page: "You think you've seen every sort of claim that could be thrown at the JREF.... Most have been preposterous, silly, irrational, and/or astonishing. Now we have one that is all of those...Dr. Colin A. Ross. . ."

"I am not the first unconventional thinker who has had to endure the snickering of cynics and skeptics, so I happily accept this recognition," said Dr. Ross. "Every significant scientific advance faces resistance, but it is time that the JREF stop ridiculing me and test the protocol."

Dr. Ross says his claim is a testable scientific hypothesis for which he has solid evidence. He explains on the Colin A. Ross Institute Web site (www.rossinst.com) that the energy emitted through his eyes is electromagnetic (EM) energy in the 0-40 Hz frequency range with amplitude in the 0-50 micro-volts range. These are the same brain waves that emerge through the skull. Dr. Ross captures this energy with an electrode and neurofeedback equipment. The software plays a tone in response to detecting the EM energy emerging through his eyes.

The JREF has accepted Dr. Ross' challenge as a claim of the paranormal, insisting that no energy is emitted from the eyes.

Other 2009 Pigasus awardees include the producers of Ben Stein's film, "Expelled" and actress Jenny McCarthy for her belief that vaccines are contributing to the increase in autism in the United States.

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