SAN BRUNO, CA--(Marketwire - April 21, 2009) - Marketbright, a leading on-demand marketing automation company, today announced new capabilities that enable marketing and sales organizations to quickly and easily optimize their use of Salesforce CRM, by more effectively leveraging prospect data for improved marketing campaigns and sales targeting. Marketbright provides Salesforce CRM customers a simple way to guarantee a steady flow of qualified leads into sales through robust lead scoring and segmentation capabilities. Built using the platform, Marketbright is immediately available for test drive and deployment on the AppExchange.

As companies look to become increasingly proactive in the sales process, manage leads more effectively, and create more customer conversions, sales and marketing teams are learning to collaborate and manage the flow of leads and data through new technologies and tools. Using Marketbright's on-demand solution, companies are able to improve sales targeting. As responses are generated in the Marketbright database, inbound lead traffic is scored to determine the qualified leads -- those ready for sales. Marketbright publishes the hottest leads into Salesforce CRM and tracks their progress through the sales cycle. In addition, Marketbright's solution leverages Salesforce CRM data to segment current customers in or out of specific marketing campaigns, whether that is making sure current customers do not receive irrelevant promotional offers or taking the opportunity to stage specialized campaigns for prospects pending interest.

"The process of integrating our Marketbright and Salesforce CRM data took us no time at all, and resulted in significantly improved communication between our sales and marketing teams," said Michaline Todd, director, corporate marketing at Serena Software. "Without engaging any outside or IT help, we were able to adjust the flow of leads and data between the two systems to meet our business needs. Our sales team has instantly benefited from improved responsiveness, and marketing teams are profiting from greater visibility into the ROI of their efforts."

Key benefits of Marketbright's integration with Salesforce CRM include:

--  Seamless, Easy Integration - Five-minute self-service setup allows
    Salesforce CRM users to view Marketbright-captured data, including survey
    responses, visited campaign pages and Web activity.
--  Simple Data Flow Control - Controls the integration and makes changes
    and updates without IT or consultants.
--  Sophisticated Lead Publishing Rules - Controls marketing updates based
    on Salesforce CRM lead status.
--  Lead Score Threshold Control - Enables users to "dial up or dial down"
    leads sent into Salesforce CRM.
--  Flexible Data Control - Controls all data values posted to Salesforce
--  Enables ROI on Marketing Activities - Provides powerful reporting into
    insight into marketing's influence on company revenue.

"With over 70% of our customers using Salesforce CRM, it made sense for us to develop a fast-integration path so they could easily create a unified sales and marketing approach," said Dom Lindars, CEO of Marketbright. "These new, expanded capabilities are now allowing our customers for the first time to truly maximize the number of high quality leads generated, actually nurture leads from start to finish and easily and accurately measure marketing's real impact on business."

For more information about Marketbright for Salesforce Appexchange, visit the company's Web site at:

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About Marketbright

Marketbright provides an on demand marketing automation solution which allows companies to implement self-service campaign execution and demand generation, automate lead scoring and nurturing, and to gain visibility into closed-loop campaign-to-cash metrics via real-time dashboards. The integrated marketing platform results in a full 360-degree view of your customer's interactions, and this information is used to route only valuable, qualified leads into your sales CRM. Marketbright's customers include Serena Software, VMware and Avid. Marketbright is headquartered in San Bruno, Calif. For more information, visit the company's Web site at

Contact Information: Media Contact: Rachel Levine or Jason Mandell LaunchSquad marketbright(at)launchsquad(dot)com 415.625.8555