HOBOKEN, NJ--(Marketwire - May 6, 2009) - EducationDynamics' Enrollment and Retention Services Division (http://www.educationdynamics.com), a leader in the development and implementation of innovative Web-based student engagement tools, today released the most comprehensive relationship management program available: Student Relationship Manager. Student Relationship Manager not only allows higher education administrators to track engagement among prospects and enrollees within an institution's student-facing Web-based programs, it also provides the capability to assess enrollment propensity and student retention risk among individuals and groups.

"This innovative reporting and intelligence dashboard provides administrators both a macro- and micro-level view to identify students who are on the fence about enrolling and those who pose a retention risk," explains Matt Anarde, vice president of development for EducationDynamics' Enrollment and Retention Services Division. "Schools are able to track critical information such as registration rates, recently answered surveys, website clicks and more to know which prospects or enrollees are in need of additional support or resources before it's too late."

Unlike any other interactive school-student relationship management program available, EducationDynamics' Student Relationship Manager captures critical data on individual and group program usage cultivated by student-facing, Web-based programs. The easy-to-read, at-a-glance performance dashboard includes several new and enhanced capabilities, including:

1. Customizable Student Intelligence -- Recruiters, advisors or other enrollment and student success staff can create unique student segments to identify groups most likely at-risk of melt or attrition. Institutions have the ability to monitor multiple demographic or segmentation fields, such as the engagement of out-of-staters who are most likely to enroll, female science majors or students hailing from the East Coast who have yet to declare their majors.

2. Student Cultivation Capabilities -- Comprehensive student profiles paint a holistic picture of students' interests, wants and needs. Administrators have the ability to track engagement of individuals or groups according to Web page usage as well as interaction with articles, quizzes, surveys and more to more accurately predict the likelihood that users will apply, enroll and/or persist.

3. Attrition-Risk Watchlist -- Institutions can create a 'hot-list' composed of prospects or enrollees who exhibit key behaviors that predict enrollment and retention propensities. Alerts then notify administrators about prospects and students who exhibit behaviors known to be risk indicators so outreach can occur immediately.

4. Stealth Link Tracking -- Admissions officers can track clicks to their .edu Web pages to identify specific individuals or groups who are or are not engaging and customize outreach accordingly. For example, institutions can identify prospects interested enough to view the institution's application but not complete it, as well as those enrollees who have expressed interest in school resources, such as the tutoring center, health center and career center.

"Ultimately, the Student Relationship Manager is designed to provide administrators unprecedented intelligence at critical points in the student lifecycle to enhance institutional efficiencies, maximize each marketing dollar spent and establish high-touch, meaningful relationships with prospects and enrollees," continues Anarde.

Current program participants may request a complimentary upgrade allowing them access to the new capabilities and features. For more information about monitoring student engagement with EducationDynamics' Student Relationship Manager, visit http://www.educationdynamics.com/services/enrollment-retention/student-relationship-manager/.

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