NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwire - May 13, 2009) - StudioNow (, the premier online platform for professional video creation in the market today, has unveiled company growth projections reflecting a silver lining for the company in the recessionary cloud. StudioNow CEO David Mason noted that high demand for online video content continues to run contrary to the overall economic malaise and is currently on-track to quadruple StudioNow's business in 2009.

Mason also announced today that global Internet and publishing industry veteran Robert P. Sherry has joined the company to guide StudioNow's rapidly expanding network of business partners and additional rollouts of its custom online video platform in multiple vertical markets. A former senior executive with companies that include Valueclick, and Primedia, Sherry will assume the position of Executive Vice-President, Business Development, effective immediately.

"Despite the recession, we've seen our business grow dramatically since January, driven by increased demand among companies seeking to get ahead of the recession curve and stand apart from competitors through the compelling online video content created by StudioNow," David Mason said. "Based on our revenue growth from the most recent quarter, we project the order pipeline for StudioNow's high-quality online video content to nearly quadruple in 2009, driven by continued expansion of our partnerships with major online publishers of digital content and rollout of the StudioNow platform in additional vertical markets."

Internet marketing research firm eMarketer estimates that spending on online video content and advertising will jump 45% to reach $850 million by the end of this year and StudioNow is seeing the direct benefits of its continued leadership in this growing space.

StudioNow creates custom online video production platforms for its customers in multiple online vertical markets, from publishing to real estate, online search directories, fashion and design, online broadcasting, the music recording industry and others.

Since its founding in 2007, StudioNow has created numerous custom online video production platforms for top tier clients, including Simon and Schuster, Chronicle Books, Citysearch, Ford Models, CBSRadio, Clearchannel, Playboy, The NewsMarket, Yahoo/Rivals and many others.

The StudioNow production platform provides dynamic management of the entire content development and production process from start to finish, connecting the customer with thousands of expert videographers, editors, directors, producers, animators and voiceover artists. StudioNow quickly and efficiently creates top-quality digital content at a fraction of the cost normally charged by traditional production/post-production houses.

About StudioNow

StudioNow is the premier online platform for video creation and distribution, aggregating thousands of editors, videographers and creative individuals to provide professional, 24/7 on-demand video content at affordable prices to businesses of all sizes across all markets. From major media organizations to Internet marketers to local advertisers, StudioNow's proprietary high-volume, Web-based marketplace and custom production management platform meets the rising demand for high-quality, original video material. For additional information, please visit:

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