Offshore Wind Energy Innovators Initiate Strategic Partnership

WindSim and AXYS Join Forces to Help Offshore Wind Developers

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - May 18, 2009) - WindSim today announced that it has initiated a strategic partnership with AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS) aimed at helping wind developers design more profitable offshore wind farms.

WindSim's wind farm design software will be bundled with every sale of the recently launched AXYS WindSentinel™ offshore wind resource assessment buoy. The complementary advanced technologies provide a compelling combination of new offshore wind data collection techniques with proven wind farm design and modeling tools.

The WindSentinel is an advanced offshore wind resource assessment buoy capable of measuring wind at wind turbine hub height and beyond by using a next generation laser wind sensor. This is the world's first wind resource assessment buoy that uses solid state LIDAR as a modern replacement for the often less accurate, more difficult to deploy, and ultimately more expensive traditional approach of anemometers mounted on fixed met masts.

WindSim currently employs powerful computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques to identify and model wake effects and other atmospheric forces to optimize turbine placement. The company now confirms that expanded offshore-specific functionality is underway. Offshore wind farm developers must consider these effects to achieve their goal of maximum annual energy production (AEP).

"WindSim and WindSentinel are a clear fit," said Dennis Stacey, international business development executive for renewable energy at AXYS Technologies. "Our central goal is the same: to help our customers make the best decisions possible when they design wind farms by delivering solutions that use the latest advances in technologies."

"The high-fidelity data obtained with advanced wind data collection technologies like LIDAR help make our models even more precise, more meaningful, and more valuable," noted Robert D. Buckley, president of WindSim AMERICAS. "Quality wind resource data plus our unrivaled CFD-based modeling equals more profitable wind farms. We will continue to raise awareness of that simple equation with partnerships like this and applaud the impressive innovation in this space."

About WindSim

WindSim develops and delivers advanced software solutions and professional services to help worldwide wind energy industry leaders design more profitable wind farms. Founded in 1993, WindSim is privately-held and venture-backed with offices in Norway and the United States. WindSim complements its direct operations with a worldwide partner network that services China, Italy, and Spain. Find out more at

About AXYS

AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS) is a global leader in the design, manufacturing and maintenance of remote environmental data acquisition, processing and telemetry systems. They have recently launched the WindSentinel™, the world's first offshore wind resource assessment buoy. It is capable of highly accurate wind measurements of up to 300 meters from a moving platform using a next generation solid state laser wind sensor. WindSentinel targets the offshore wind farm and wind energy markets globally. Find out more at

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