Northgate Market Launches Health and Wellness Program

ANAHEIM, Calif., May 20, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Northgate Market, headquartered in Anaheim, California and serving Latino communities throughout Southern California, announces the launch of a comprehensive health and wellness program for employees and consumers entitled "Viva la Salud." The chain, owned by a family of first-generation immigrants from Mexico, announced that the program is uniquely designed "by Latinos for Latinos." It includes health risk assessments and wellness activities for employees and a variety of activities and products for consumers.

Noting the high incidence of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease among Latinos living in the United States, Oscar Gonzalez, one of the twelve owners of the company, reported that the program is a major initiative for Northgate Market during 2009-2010. A weeklong kick-off event was held at each of the company's 30 stores the week of May 11.

In partnership with government and community-based organizations dedicated to improving the health of Latinos, "Viva la Salud" activities for consumers focus on maintaining a traditional Latino diet while preparing food in healthier ways. Making good choices in the supermarket also is a key program component with "100 Healthful Products" being featured in sales and specials during the initial launch period. Free health screenings will be available at stores along with information on accessing health care for the uninsured and underinsured. A "Cook's Day" featured cooking demonstrations and dietitians who provided information on eating for health. The week also included a "Family Day" and a celebration of good health.

The company announced that this will be a long-term program promoting healthier choices in eating and living for Latinos.

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