LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - June 3, 2009) - Rarely does a novel transcend bookstore shelves and rise to a pop culture phenomenon, becoming a franchise right out of the gates. "THE SEVEN SINS: The Tyrant Ascending" is that rare novel.

Once you read it, it's very easy to understand why it's such a hot property right now in Hollywood. "Tyrant" is the kind of novel that has "summer blockbuster franchise" written all over it. Currently, the project is in active development with an all-star Hollywood production team led by Moritz Borman, who helmed the production on "Terminator Salvation"; which brought home over 60 million dollars its opening weekend.

The well-deserved praise from the industry speaks volumes about the huge potential for this project. "We believe that the Tyrant is an intriguing new type of lead character that we believe could easily form the basis of a new franchised series," said Moritz Borman in a statement.

There are currently talks to bring the character Tyrant to two of the hottest mediums around right now, comics and graphic novels. Fabrizio Boccardi, CEO of King Midas World Entertainment, is heading negotiations and evaluating options for Tyrant Comics, that could make this property one of the hottest multi-platform projects in Hollywood.

Tom Doherty, CEO of TOR Forge Books, says, "We believe the Tyrant has big potential and look forward to working with King Midas World Entertainment to discuss future publications of the Literary Franchise."

Now available in Paperback, "The Seven Sins: The Tyrant Ascending," nominated a Best Thriller of the year by the Library Journal, is a testament to the universality of its themes. More than just a simple plot or story, "The Tyrant is the idea and the concept of the rakish embodiment of the American Dream," says Fabrizio Boccardi. "Not just a fictional character, Tyrant is representative of a paradigm shift in how unique icons for this era are crafted, and will be perceived."

With such rich source material to draw from, "THE SEVEN SINS: The Tyrant Ascending" is sure to be just the beginning of a long series destined to rewrite the rules of the genre across any number of mediums. If you haven't picked up this fantastic novel, it's a great summer read that will keep you eagerly anticipating the next chapter of the saga as well as the film, expected to reach theaters in 2011.

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