WESTMINSTER, CO--(Marketwire - June 4, 2009) - Digital Info Security Company (PINKSHEETS: DGIF) (DISC) and Infotel Technologies Pte Ltd announced today executing a Marketing and Distribution Agreement. Per the agreement, Infotel Technologies will now market and provide DISC's PolicyBridge™ software to customers across the Asia Pacific region. Based in Singapore for 25 years, Infotel Technologies is an information technology systems integrator that is widely recognized and respected for using cutting edge technology to provide innovative solutions and has serviced an impressive list of clients in the region.

DISC's PolicyBridge™ -- Email Security and Compliance Software

PolicyBridge™ is the optimal cost-effective solution on the market that provides a balanced compliance solution while it mitigates risk, protects private information, and safeguards business continuity. The software helps organizations ensure they meet regulatory requirements and protect intellectual properties by integrating e-mail surveillance, e-mail archiving, policy enforcement, active content filtering, and e-mail security. PolicyBridge™ features automatic encryption and real-time monitoring, reduces operational costs through simple integration, helps avoid fines and fees for non-compliance and litigation, and prevents loss of proprietary information.

PolicyBridge™ is the only cost-effective solution on the market that provides 100% compliance while it mitigates risk, protects private information, and safeguards business continuity. PolicyBridge™ easily integrates with virtually all common systems and platforms, is highly scalable, and can be configured to meet each client's unique needs. The robust software features a user-friendly interface for quick and efficient email review and retrieval, as well as extensive reporting functionality.


Infotel Technologies PTE LTD is an information technology systems integration company based in Singapore and established in 1984. Infotel is widely recognized and respected for using cutting edge technology to provide its customers with innovative solutions, and is a leading solution provider in the Information and Communication industry offering best-of-class technology and support solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each customer.


Digital Info Security Company (DISC) specializes in automated services for compliance such as E-mail Compliance and Encryption, Instant Message Archiving & Monitoring, Electronic Discovery, Website Hosting, Secure Vault Manager, and Remote Backup. DISC provides IT solutions for companies of all sizes by ensuring data reliability and security for customers around the world.

For additional information about this announcement or the company, please contact DISC at 1-866-841-5970 or visit http://www.disecurityco.com and http://www.restorerex.com.


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Contact Information: Contacts: DISC James Clark 866-841-5970 info@disecurityco.com Infotel Technologies Pte Ltd 065-6580-7777 general@infotel.com.sg