LUDLOW, KY--(Marketwire - June 8, 2009) - Phoenix Interests, Inc. (OTCBB: PXNT) announced today that the Company has been added to the Regulation SHO "threshold security" list. Management anticipates a possible buy-in and share price increase in response to the Regulation SHO "threshold security" listing.

Regulation SHO is intended to provide a regulatory framework governing short selling of securities. Regulation SHO is designed, in part, to fulfill several objectives, to include establishing uniform locate and delivery requirements in order to address problems associated with failures to deliver and potentially abusive "naked" short selling (i.e., selling short without having borrowed the securities to make delivery).

A Buy-In and Increased PPS May Result to Cover Possible Short Sales

Phoenix Interests has been added to the threshold security list because a number of stock sales have been transacted, but the actual shares have not been delivered. The number of failures to deliver has exceeded the Regulation SHO guidance. Any failure to deliver that has resulted from a "naked" short sale may result in a corresponding stock purchase to cover the short position. Stock purchasing to cover short sales can add to the ordinary demand for stock purchases and correspondingly contribute to an increased price per share.

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Greenfield Webcast Including Suggested Fair Value Target of $0.10

Last week, Phoenix Interests was featured in a Greenfield on-demand Webcast reviewing the Greenfield program for micro-cap public companies and the program's evaluation criteria to include planned milestones, management tests, market comparables and capital dynamics. The Webcast provides an overview of Phoenix's mobility software business plan, initial milestones and recent recapitalization Additionally, the Webcast discusses both the near term suggested Fair Value Target of $0.10 PPS as well as the potential of a $0.50 PPS later this year if the Company achieves anticipated business plan milestones. The Company currently has minimal revenue that is derived from clients engaged in early trials of Phoenix's proprietary software. The Company anticipates generating $1 million or potentially more in sales within the next 12 months.

Recently, Phoenix Interests launched a preliminary website that includes an overview of its mobility technology strategy and recent company developments to include the acquisition of Stonewall Networks. A link to the Webcast is available on the Company's corporate website under the "Greenfield Partner" section.

Mobility Technology Business

Earlier this year, Phoenix Interests launched a new business strategy to create a comprehensive and global mobile computing technology business. Recently, the Company announced finalizing the definitive purchase agreement to acquire Stonewall Networks ( as part of this strategy. The Company's mobility roll-up strategy has been developed over the last year, and this acquisition is the first of several planned acquisitions. Products from Stonewall Networks will provide a security backbone for the Company's mobile solutions strategy. Stonewall Networks has developed a proprietary software solution for mobile network security, including an innovative security policy management product for enterprise customers.

NuMobile, Inc.

The Company plans a corporate name change to NuMobile, Inc, to better represent its strategy to roll-up innovative mobile computing solutions. As the Company's mobile technology business develops, the Company plans to continue to expand the corporate website. Once the name change to NuMobile is complete, a newly branded website is planned be released. Anyone interested in the Company's developments is encouraged to check the website often for corporate updates.

Suggested Fair Value Target PPS

The suggested Fair Value Target PPS has been proposed by the Company and the Greenfield program. The methodology used to reach the PPS suggestion has been outlined in the Webcast. No third party has been compensated in the conjunction with determining or publishing a suggested Fair Value Target PPS.

Corporate Email Updates

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