HOUSTON, TX and DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - June 8, 2009) - SMT, the leader for Windows-based geoscientific interpretation software, today announced the release of KINGDOM 8.4. The upcoming release introduces the new product line extension, KINGDOM Advanced. KINGDOM Advanced brings leading geoscience capabilities, formerly available only to specialists due to complexity and cost, to the desktop of every interpreter. Key new capabilities include a new Advanced Autopicker that is based on patent-pending KINGDOM Illuminator technology, and support for Surface and Volume Curvature attributes. These features are designed to help upstream exploration and production companies reduce cycle times and risk in exploration planning.

Commenting on the announcement, Stan Abele, Vice President of Product Management at SMT, said, "Geoscientists are working harder than ever to lower exploration costs by reducing the time to analyze prospects. But they still need best in class technology to make good decisions. The new capabilities in KINGDOM Advanced bring leading-edge science and automation down to a price that enables every geoscientist to complete work faster and with greater confidence."

The Advanced Autopicker accurately picks through complex geologies and near-vertical events. It requires only a few initial seed picks in order to provide a high quality interpretation. As a result, interpreters can reduce the time consuming task of picking horizons, reducing overall cycle times for interpretation.

Another new capability is support for Surface and Volume Curvature attributes. These attributes allow companies to more easily identify subsurface features to discover hidden reserves. These attributes indicate the rate of change of surface topology and accent features such as faults and fracture systems. A total of 11 Curvature attributes can be calculated in the new release.

KINGDOM Advanced will be unveiled at AAPG and EAGE in the SMT booth and will be generally available by the end of June 2009.

About SMT

Seismic Micro-Technology, the market leader for Windows-based geoscientific interpretation, helps organizations find oil and gas faster. Its KINGDOM software allows geoscientists to focus on the analysis, not on managing the tools. Customers can install and interpret data in the same day. With 2,700 customers in 95 nations, SMT has demonstrated performance proven to scale. SMT is headquartered in Houston, Texas with offices in Calgary, Croydon (UK), Moscow and Singapore.

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