NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - June 8, 2009) - Senior Management of

--  Navios Maritime Holdings (NYSE: NM), Mr. Ted Petrone, President,
    Navios Corporation
--  Seanergy Maritime Holdings (NASDAQ: SHIP), Mr. Dale Ploughman, CEO
--  Star Bulk Carriers Corp. (NASDAQ: SBLK), Mr. Akis Tsirigakis, CEO and
--  TBS International (NASDAQ: TBSI), Mr. Joseph Royce, CEO
--  will participate in a Webinar Panel discussion on the dry bulk
    shipping sector on Friday, June 12, 2009 at 11:00 am EDT (4:00 pm London,
    5:00 pm Paris, 6:00 pm Athens).

The discussion will be moderated by Mr. Scott Burk, CFA, Executive Director Equity Research, Oppenheimer & Co.

The Dry Bulk Forum is organized by Capital Link, a New York-based Investor Relations and Financial Communications firm with strategic focus on shipping.


The panel discussion can be accessed only through a live audio webcast at or at Capital Link's Shipping Website

Participants to the live webcast should register on the website approximately ten minutes prior to the start of the webcast. Please go to the above indicated websites to register and access the event.

After the event, the panel discussion will remain archived and accessible through the same websites indicated above.


The focus of the discussion (and the Q&A) will be only on sector trends and fundamentals, and not on company specifics or company recommendations. The discussion will cover four topics: demand, supply, freight rates and asset values, valuations, focusing on current trends and the sector's outlook.


Participants can submit questions to the panelists prior to or during the event through the special feature on the event page, or they can email them to us at


A transcript of the panel discussion will be publicly available at no cost within approximately 48 hours after the event and those interested can request it when they register for the event or afterwards through the event page at websites indicated.

About Dry Bulk Shipping

International shipping plays a vital role in global trade given that 2/3 of the world's goods are transported by sea. The shipping industry provides a cost effective and practical means of transportation internationally of large volumes of cargoes.

The dry bulk carrier market refers to the transportation of homogeneous commodities in bulk. Dry bulk commodities are divided into two distinct categories, major bulks and minor bulks. Major bulks include iron ore, coal and grain, which are usually shipped on the larger size Capesize, Kamsarmax and Panamax vessels and comprise about 67% of dry bulk trade. Minor bulks are fertilizers, steels, sugars, cement etc., which are shipped in smaller more versatile vessels such as Supramax, Handymax and Handysize, and comprise about 33% of the dry bulk commodities trade.

Dry bulk carrier ownership is fragmented with many owners and operators of shipping tonnage, including independent operators, state-controlled shipping companies and proprietary owners. Vessels utilised for transport of dry bulk cargoes are usually classified into four categories based on their carrying capacity in deadweight tons (DWT) (i) handysize (10,000-39,999 DWT) (ii) handymax/supramax (40,000-59,999 DWT) (iii) panamax (60,000-99,999 DWT) and (iv) capesize (higher than 100,000 DWT).

The shipping industry is highly cyclical, experiencing volatility in profitability, vessel values and charter rates resulting from changes in the supply of and demand for shipping capacity. Fluctuations result from the interaction of various factors between demand and supply. The demand for vessels is influenced by global and regional economic conditions, international trade developments, port congestion, trading routes and weather pattern changes, crop yields, armed conflicts, political developments, embargoes and strikes, demand for consumer goods, dry bulk commodities, and crude oil and oil products.

Supply of shipping capacity is mainly a function of the delivery of new vessels and the number of older vessels scrapped and is also affected among other factors by port congestion and regulation of maritime transportation practices by governmental and international authorities.

About Navios Maritime Holdings Inc.

Navios Maritime Holdings Inc. is a global, vertically integrated seaborne shipping and logistics company focused on the transport and transshipment of drybulk commodities including iron ore, coal and grain.

Navios Holdings may, from time to time, be required to offer certain owned Capesize and Panamax vessels to Navios Maritime Partners L.P. for purchase at fair market value according to the terms of the Omnibus Agreement.

For more information about Navios Holdings please visit the Company's website at

About Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp.

Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp., the successor to Seanergy Maritime Corp., is a Marshall Islands corporation with its executive offices in Athens, Greece. The Company is engaged in the transportation of dry bulk cargoes through the ownership and operation of dry bulk carriers. The Company purchased and took delivery of six dry bulk carriers in the third and fourth quarters of 2008 from companies associated with members of the Restis family. Its current fleet is comprised of two Panamax, two Supramax and two Handysize dry bulk carriers with a combined cargo-carrying capacity of 316,676 dwt and an average fleet age of approximately 11 years.

The Company's common stock and warrants trade on the NASDAQ Global Market under the symbols SHIP and SHIP.W, respectively. Prior to October 15, 2008, the Company's common stock and warrants traded on the NYSE Alternext US LLC (formally known as AMEX) under the symbols SRG, SRG.W, respectively.

For further information please visit the Company's website at

About Star Bulk Carriers Corp.

Star Bulk is a global shipping company providing worldwide seaborne transportation solutions in the dry bulk sector. Star Bulk's vessels transport major bulks, which include iron ore, coal and grain and minor bulks such as bauxite, fertilizers and steel products. Star Bulk was incorporated in the Marshall Islands on December 13, 2006 and is headquartered in Athens, Greece. Its common stock and warrants trade on the Nasdaq Global Market under the symbols "SBLK" and "SBLKW" respectively. Currently, Star Bulk has an operating fleet of twelve dry bulk carriers. The total fleet consists of four Capesize, and eight Supramax dry bulk vessels with an average age of approximately 10.1 years and a combined cargo carrying capacity of 1,106,253 deadweight tons.

For further information please visit the Company's website at

About TBS International Limited

TBS is a fully-integrated transportation service company that offers customers the TBS Five Star Service consisting of: ocean transportation, operations, logistics, port services, and strategic planning. We offer liner, parcel, bulk, and chartering services, supported by a fleet of multipurpose tweendeckers and handysize and handymax bulk carriers, including specialized heavy-lift vessels. TBS has developed its business around key trade routes between Latin America and China, Japan and South Korea, as well as select ports in North America, Africa, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

For further information please visit the Company's website at

About Capital Link

Capital Link is a New York-based Investor Relations and Financial Communications firm. Capitalizing on our in-depth knowledge of the shipping industry and capital markets, Capital Link has made a strategic commitment to the industry becoming the largest provider of Investor Relations and Financial Communications services to international shipping companies listed on the US and European Exchanges. Capital Link's headquarters are in New York with a presence in London and Athens.

In our effort to enhance the information flow to the investment community and contribute to improving investor knowledge of shipping, Capital Link has undertaken a series of initiatives beyond the traditional scope of our investor relations activity, such as:

-- A web based resource which provides
    information on the major shipping and stock market indices, as well as on
    all shipping stocks. It also features industry reports from major industry
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--  Weekly Capital Link Shipping eNewsletter:  Weekly distribution to an
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--  Sector Forums & Webinars: Periodically, we organize panel discussions
    among CEOs and analysts on various shipping sectors (containers, dry bulk,
    tankers) and on other topics of interest.
--  Capital Link Investor Shipping Forums: in New York, Athens and London,
    which bring together investors, financial advisors, listed companies CEOs,
    analysts, and shipping industry participants.

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