SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - June 9, 2009) - 3VR Security, Inc., the searchable surveillance leader, today announced a full suite of video surveillance features specifically tailored to the security needs of retailers. Best known for its video analytic and search innovations for the financial services industry, 3VR is looking to bring similar game-changing innovations to retailers.

Retail-specific features now include people counting capabilities, advanced object tracking and surveillance, and integrations to critical retail systems like point-of-sale, electronic article surveillance systems and access control, and are available on all 3VR SmartRecorders, including the newly released S-Series.

"3VR continues to raise the bar for integrated video solutions for retailers," said Jim Rao, director of video technology for Vector Security. "With point-of-sale integration, people counting and facial recognition on a single box, retailers can leverage their existing camera infrastructure to obtain visibility and control of their business that has previously been out of reach because of cost and complexity."

Combining a powerful searchable surveillance platform with advanced analytics and comprehensive integration options, 3VR has established itself as the industry standard for intelligent video surveillance. 3VR boasts the largest private facial recognition deployment in the world and over 600 customers in a range of industries from retail to banking, hospitality and government.

Now explicitly designed for the specific needs of retailers, the award-winning 3VR platform provides retail customers the opportunity to more efficiently combat return desk fraud and organized retail crime, monitor employee and customer activity, and dramatically improve the overall security and profitability of their operations.

Highly sophisticated return desk fraud prevention capabilities alert security personnel immediately upon the detection of returning shoplifters, while 3VR's industry-leading facial and license plate recognition technology aids in the prevention of organized retail crime by alerting retailers when suspects enter a store.

3VR's extensive point-of-sale integration capabilities allow retailers to view video associated with selected transactions based on parameters of their choosing such as number of sales, returns or any other unique identifier. Retailers can also choose to overlay product SKU information on the video for enhanced viewing and investigations.

3VR's unique platform integrates easily with electronic article surveillance solutions to provide store personnel with real-time video alerts should a piece of tagged merchandise leave the premises providing detailed information on the article's travel and location.

"Retailers face unique threats from organized retail theft, from return desk fraud, to sweethearting," said Al Shipp, CEO at 3VR. "Our unique multi-analytic and search technologies can help them turn the tide on these multi-billion dollar problems and emerge the victor in the loss prevention battle."

3VR offers a full range of product options for retailers, from the E-Series SmartRecorder, the world's most advanced and flexible hybrid DVR/NVR, to the S-Series SmartRecorder, a newly released compact, economical and low-bandwidth video system also built on 3VR's unique searchable surveillance platform. All 3VR SmartRecorders feature video analytic, data integration and search capabilities, in addition to advanced motion and facial surveillance aiding in the prevention of return desk and organized theft fraud. The solution furthermore features best-in-class central management options ideal for cost conservative organizations.

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