SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - June 9, 2009) - Daptiv, the on-demand leader in collaborative business software, today announced the launch of Daptiv Scrum, an Agile solution for managing, tracking and measuring application development projects. Daptiv Scrum is a new solution built on Daptiv's on-demand platform and is one of the first Agile solutions that gives higher-level insight into Scrum processes from a business perspective.

Scrum is an increasingly popular methodology for software development because it reduces project risk by providing immediate feedback on project successes or roadblocks, and organizations developing internal applications and software firms both use it. Daptiv's new solution streamlines the feedback process, providing management tools for the ScrumMaster, Product Owner and Developer, while also giving executives and business stakeholders insight into how developers' scrum projects are mapping to the overall goals of the business.

Scrum is considered an Agile and iterative methodology because it is based on active communication among team members, and organizes work into "sprints" that give development and business teams the flexibility to respond to business demands and project execution realities. Daptiv Scrum enables application development teams to better manage their existing Agile Scrum methodologies with a solution that was initially developed for and implemented by Daptiv's own IT department. Daptiv developed this offering to give companies an innovative and effective way to best manage this smart and streamlined approach to segmented sprints of IT project development.

Daptiv, itself a Scrum shop, tapped its own experience with Scrum tools for developers before creating Daptiv Scrum. "Initially, our developer team had implemented another Scrum solution but after finding that it didn't adequately meet our needs, we decided to use the Daptiv platform to create a more efficient way to manage our Scrum projects," said Chris Lynch, VP of engineering, Daptiv. "Before implementing Daptiv Scrum, our development work was isolated from the rest of the business, even though business was inextricably linked to that work. We feel we've really taken Scrum management to the next level by being able to tie our work back to the needs of the business and give executives a view of how our development projects are performing. We've escaped from Scrum Island, and we want to help other organizations escape too."

A common challenge to organizations using Scrum or another agile methodology for application development is that the business side can be left in the dark about the progress of Scrum teams. Because Scrum relies less on formal planning and documentation at the front end of the process than traditional or "waterfall" software development methods, the methodology actually requires more careful and explicit tracking on the back end in order to share progress clearly with business stakeholders.

"We work with many organizations that are struggling with exactly the problems that Daptiv can help them solve," said Phillip Cave of Velocity Partners. "As organizations adopt Agile methods like Scrum or adapt to a blended Agile execution model based on Lean principles such as Kanban, there is a need to think about the impact to the business portfolio and how to better share information with key stakeholders at all levels. Lean principles paired with Agile practices speak to creating the necessary visibility to make timely and informed decisions on the delivery of value. Giving Agile teams tools within a robust PPM platform allows organizations to succeed in visualizing the flow and delivery of value from the Scrum team to the PMO and business."

An on-demand subscription service like all of Daptiv's products, Daptiv Scrum is available today and is priced at $35/user/month. Current Daptiv PPM customers can use both the PPM and Scrum products, and the data model will reflect and report on information from both products.

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