DETROIT, MI--(Marketwire - June 9, 2009) - WVSN Industry Visions Radio is changing everything about the way industry conducts business. WVSN has paved the way for critical communication between industries. Not just a website, but interaction with other companies through radio entertainment and late breaking industrial news, WVSN programming is targeting the people who are most important: the decision makers of industrial spending activity with top of the hour industrial newscasts and guest interviews, and most of all, good old fashioned rock and roll. "We are actually establishing a marketing communications formula that's never been known to any media company in the history of broadcasting," commented national radio personality Allyn Mark, President of Industry Visions. As a national broadcasting entity featuring the "who's who" of the developing green industrial American Industry sectors, WVSN has been highlighted in major World Wide Web sites, being showcased in places such as MSNBC, Scottrade, and Yahoo News, and now being exposed to thousands of news outlets and trade journals. WVSN Industry Radio has created greater industrial exposure than any network radio in history. With a live radio broadcast coast to coast and around the world, WVSN is building new infrastructure for industry to go to market.

Allyn Mark continued, "Radio is a universal forum that provides an entertainment format where industry guests can meet and dispense information and ideas without the fast tune-out factor that happens from a click on a website. In a live appearance on radio, we can articulate through entertainment, the new green visions of industry. What's more we can create a contagious enthusiasm with human interaction that spreads over a vast audience, simultaneously driving traffic to websites. Communicating on a human, emotional level is still the most important element of selling: the human emotional process."

To put a spin on the Industrial highlights that the station features, Crazy Al's Radio party is the big draw for the worldwide listeners that tune in daily to hear the classic and forgotten oldies from the 50s to the 1970s. Bringing with him Larry "The Legend" Matthews, Crazy Al puts on a show full of energy and pure joy.

The show ranks as one of the Top 10 oldies stations in the nation, and with the humor and entertainment that the station provides every day, it comes as no surprise. Tune in daily at

Contact Information: Contact: Allyn Mark Contact to be a guest (810) 358-6224