RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC--(Marketwire - June 11, 2009) - Pharmaceutical business intelligence firm Cutting Edge Information announces the launch of its latest therapeutic area study, which provides forecasts for the autoimmune market.

"Autoimmune Market Forecast to 2014" ( analyzes key trends currently affecting the autoimmune disease landscape and their impact on drug development and sales through 2014. Although scientists have classified more than 100 different autoimmune disorders, most research revolves around six indications: rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, psoriasis, and multiple sclerosis. The report details the historical, current, and forecasted performance of more than 40 drugs -- marketed brands and pipeline products -- and the top nine manufacturers within these indications.

"One blockbuster sustaining a company is a scenario occurring less frequently, but the era of the blockbuster drug has not ended," says Shaylyn Pike, the report's lead author. "The autoimmune market presents amazing opportunities for companies looking to replace dying revenue streams. Of the 43 brands we profiled, 14 will become blockbusters before 2014 -- more than half of which will top $3 billion in annual sales."

"Autoimmune Market Forecast to 2014" presents breakdowns of individual drugs and classes. Besides providing in-depth market analysis for each product, it compares data across brands, classes and company portfolios -- leading to an honest and accurate evaluation of performance: advantages, potential pitfalls, competitive threats, and clinical successes and failures.

The report examines the following drug classes:

--  TNF inhibitors
--  B-cell inhibitors
--  Interferon betas
--  Interleukin inhibitors
--  Immunomodulators
--  NSAIDs
--  5-ASAs
--  Antimetabolites
--  Corticosteroids
--  JAK inhibitors

The report is organized into indication snapshots, brand profiles and drug manufacturer profiles:

Indication snapshots provide an overview of each of the six main autoimmune indications and their associated complications. Analysis includes a look at the indication's history, pathology, epidemiology and treatment regimens.

Brand Profiles detail a product's competitive and strategic positioning, market opportunities, and patent and litigation data. Profiles include:

--  Drug's current and projected competitive strength
--  Sales projection charts through 2014
--  Materiality charts
--  Clinical trial information
--  Patent/market exclusivity tables

Company Profiles show breakdowns for the nine companies with the highest-grossing autoimmune portfolios. Profiles contain:

--  Ranking within market
--  Strengths analysis
--  Growth areas analysis
--  Key products breakdown

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Contact Information: CONTACT: Shaylyn Pike 919-433-0385