HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - June 16, 2009) - Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. (PLANET) (PINKSHEETS: PRRY), developer, manufacturer and marketer of the PetroLuxus™ family of green technology products, announced today that Dr. Michael Nobel has accepted the role of Chairman of the Planet Advisory Board.

Planet Founder and CEO Kurt Neubauer stated, "Dr. Nobel is one of the most sought after world thought leaders and humanitarians. We are thrilled to have the leadership of a global-influencer with the stature of Dr. Nobel. This signals the significance of the science behind Planet and the PetroLuxus™ family of products to our investors as well as to the industry sectors where we are doing our greatest work. We expect that Dr. Nobel's relationship with Planet will accelerate our pre-eminence in the core areas of remediation and recovery of valuable natural resources throughout the world."

"Dr. Nobel's new role with Planet will further his lifelong commitment to breakthrough technologies and science that enhance the environment through preservation, remediation and recovery -- core focus disciplines of the company," stated Mr. Neubauer.

About Dr. Michael Nobel:

Dr. Michael Nobel is a great grand nephew of Alfred Nobel, founder of the Nobel Prizes. He currently directs the global efforts of the Nobel Charitable Trust as Chairman. He obtained a doctorate at the University of Lausanne in psycho pedagogy in 1979. In the science field he worked for seven years as a researcher in social sciences at the Institute for Mass Communication at the Lausanne University and as a consultant to UNESCO in Paris and the United Nation's Social Affairs Division in Geneva on methods for substance abuse prevention. Commercially he participated in the introduction of magnetic resonance imaging as vice president of Europe for Fonar Corporation.

From 1991 to 2007 Dr. Nobel served as the Executive Chairman of the MRAB Group, a company providing diagnostic imaging services. From 1995 to 2006 Dr. Nobel was Chairman of the Board of the Nobel Family Society and the American Non-Violence Project Inc. Today Dr. Nobel is chairman or board member of ten international companies in medical diagnostics, treatment and information systems; other areas included IT, oil exploration and environmental management. He is also chairman of several not-for-profit societies and foundations. His academic position is visiting professor at the Frontier Research Center at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and guest professor at the State University of Baku.

As Chairman of the Nobel Charitable Trust Foundation, Dr. Nobel recognizes the incredible advances that have occurred in science and technology since the Nobel Prize charter was established in 1901. The Nobel Charitable Trust Foundation was created in part, to award a prize for outstanding Alternative Energy Technology. Dr. Michael Nobel sits on several prominent international prize committees and he has received numerous international citations and awards for his work in the fields of medicine and conflict resolution including an honorary doctorate from Soka University and an honorary professorship from the National Academy of Science of Azerbaijan. He is a member of the Academy of Natural Sciences in Russia.

About Planet Resource Recovery, Inc.

Planet Resource Recovery, Inc (the "Company" or "Planet") has developed a proprietary platform of products based on a core technology known as PetroLuxus™. The Company manufactures and markets the PetroLuxus™ platform of products, which represent a disruptive technology for use in the specialty and petrochemical industries. The products are comprised of a series of compounds with a wide array of applications, all of which benefit from its unique ability to dislodge hydrocarbons from organic and inorganic materials. The Company's Phase I revenue approach is comprised of three distinct business units: i) Environmental Remediation ("ER"), ii) Enhanced Oil Recovery ("EOR") and iii) Strategic Business Combinations.

The PetroLuxus™ platform of products is a "Green Technology." It is a non-toxic, non-flammable and environmentally friendly method of separating hydrocarbons from both man-made and naturally occurring materials. The Company believes that PetroLuxus™ truly is a Disruptive Technology. The Company believes that it will disrupt currently accepted best practices in remediation and change the way hydrocarbons and metals are managed and harvested throughout the world. Founded in 2005, the Planet corporate offices are located in Houston, Texas.

For more information visit: www.planetresource.com or www.petroluxus.com.

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