MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - June 16, 2009) - DigitalTown Inc. (OTCBB: DGTW) today announced www.AmericasProdigy.com, a premier talent discovery site for high school students.

Adding new sizzle to the already impressive array of interactive site features that will be added to DigitalTown's community spirit sites of 27,000 high schools, America's Prodigy will be focused on promoting musical contestants who can post their songs and videos online. They will compete for prizes aimed at furthering their musical careers as well as benefiting the school.

Richard Pomije, Chairman, states: "Through the DigitalTown network every American high school large or small will be assured a spot to produce America's next prodigy, an America's high school idol."

Pomije continued: "What differentiates America's Prodigy from other online or broadcast talent contests is that it's a win/win for artist, fan, and school. Our contest will level the playing field by focusing on prep school age artists versus competing against adult professionals."

Predevelopment interest by students has been extremely high as stated by this student "I'm Danny, a 16 year old student that will be a junior at Burnsville High School this coming school year. My friend told me about this website today and I'm very intrigued by it. My primary instruments are the guitar and piano. I also love singing. I'll be attending Envision Academy for the Performing Arts next year to pursue my passion for music...looking forward to hearing about Americanprodigy.com from you."

The project will commence later in 2009/10 school year and will concentrate on uncovering new musical talent. More details will be revealed in the summer.

About DigitalTown:

DigitalTown Inc. in Burnsville, MN, is a holding company of intellectual property, mainly domain names centered on 3 main areas, community and high schools, media and technology.

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