NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - June 16, 2009) - DM DAYS 2009 --, Inc. is launching a new predictive modeling service today for the Small to Medium Business (SMB) segment at DM Days New York Conference & Expo. Called AmazingProspects, the automated service allows direct marketers to "clone" their best customers against consumer and business databases with profiling technology. Priced at $500 for an initial profile to determine what best customers look like, and then at a fraction of what typical modeled leads cost, AmazingProspects allows SMB customers to choose as few as 500 or millions of prospects. Price breaks apply for volume, and AmazingProspects is also being sold as a white-label service to list brokers and advertising agencies.

AmazingProspects utilizes automated analytics software that can uncover hidden insights about an organization's current customers (or in the case of non-profit businesses, donors), and delivers a ranked list of "look-a-like" prospects that are "clones" -- having the same or similar characteristics of best customers or donors. As a result, these cloned prospects have a high likelihood of becoming new customers.

According to AmazingMail's CEO, Chris Lynde, "With rising costs, marketers are having a tougher time producing a return on their investments. The trends are clearly moving towards modeled segmentation that enables a better understanding of micro-segments of customers and prospects. Our new platform can score and rank the national consumer or business population in minutes through a real-time, automated process, serving the SMB market need to a tee. AmazingProspects puts the power of predictive marketing in the hands of any fast-growing business looking to optimize its list assets."

By providing an affordable, automated service that leverages high quality third-party data sources and automates key marketing analytics and predictive modeling functions, AmazingMail hopes to solve a looming issue for small businesses, list brokers and advertising agencies.

"Although investment in analytics has been increasing," said Lynde, "the mainstream method of delivering analytic services and predictive models within the direct marketing industry still mainly relies on the use of highly skilled human analysts."

Lynde pointed out that AmazingProspects, through automation, can provide scored and modeled prospects in a fraction of the time -- and at a fraction of the cost -- of mainstream analytic services. "A growing shortage of skilled analysts, coupled with the time it takes analysts to perform basic analytic services and build predictive models, has made these services typically slow -- usually taking weeks -- and expensive -- usually costing tens of thousands of dollars. The bottom line is that we can deliver a list of modeled prospects for any B2B or B2C campaign that will ensure measurable lift because campaign targets have been scientifically proven to have the highest propensity to respond."

About, Inc.

Established in 1999, Inc. is driving small business and nonprofit business direct marketing campaigns for customer/supporter acquisition, cross-sell, up-sell, retention and loyalty programs. The company's online services deliver text-to-print, text-to-mobile, digital direct mail, email and personalized Web page (PURLs) campaigns that start at $1,500. Direct mail from these campaigns can be delivered in quantities of one to more than a million in 24 hours or less with unparalleled quality.

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