LAFAYETTE, CA--(Marketwire - June 17, 2009) - Advisor Software, Inc., a leading provider of wealth management solutions for the advisor market, today announced a new release for ASI Wealth Manager, a patented platform that uniquely delivers personalized goal-based investment management.

"These enhancements to ASI Wealth Manager are designed to improve the advisor's ability to gather household balance sheet information, and communicate more effectively with clients about their recommendations," said Advisor Software's president Neal Ringquist. "A recommendation is only as good as an advisor's ability to explain it. With this upgrade, we continue to help advisors connect investors' personal goals with their investing decisions."

The following new features were added to release 1.1 of ASI Wealth Manager:

--  Portfolio Diagnostics - This new feature allows advisors to compare a
    client's Current Portfolio and ASI Wealth Manager's Proposed Portfolio with
    the Target Strategy produced by ASI Wealth Manager.  Advisors can see in
    summary form how the Proposed Portfolio better implements the Target
    Strategy,  by analyzing various portfolio characteristics such as Tracking
    Error, Expected Risk, Expected Returns and Tax Costs.
--  Retirement and Expenses Goal - This feature now gives advisors the
    option to calculate current and retirement annual expenses instantly as one
    total number, or as a detailed breakdown of expenses into categories such
    as Utilities, Transportation, Children or Healthcare.  Advisors can also
    adjust the Retirement and Expense Goal prioritization as a percentage of a
    Target goal amount, to illustrate for minimum and maximum levels within
--  Balance Sheet Analysis - The ASI Household Balance Sheet is improved
    to provide dynamic feedback, alerting advisors when a client's Resources
    are insufficient to fully fund their Liabilities and Goals. By highlighting
    the percentage of Liabilities and Goals that can be funded, advisors will
    have a better idea of what funding level a client can afford.

"We are constantly working to enhance our solutions so that advisors can build unique and dynamic investment portfolios for every client," Mr. Ringquist continued. "We look forward to continuing our mission of bridging the gap between financial planning and investment management with innovative goal-based platforms."

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About ASI Wealth Manager

ASI Wealth manager is a goal-based investment platform designed to enable households to achieve their financial goals. ASI Wealth Manager is the first end-to-end financial planning solution connecting goals and investing that couples institutional caliber analytics and holistic management of the household balance sheet. Leveraging a patented process, ASI Wealth Manager uniquely enables advisors to address what were previously a series of disjointed, manual financial planning and investment management tasks via a single process. Advisors can determine a household's capacity to bear risk, and then deliver a dynamic wealth plan that considers changing personal circumstances and market conditions. The asset allocation, asset selection and advice process can also be made available as a managed account solution.

About Advisor Software, Inc.

Advisor Software, Inc. is a leading provider of advice solutions for the advisor market. The company has pioneered the first enterprise rebalancing solution and a unique goal-directed financial planning platform that combines institutional-caliber analytics and a balance sheet approach to financial planning. Advisor Software's solutions are designed for a wide range of asset management firms, broker-dealers, banks, insurance companies, online brokerages, and other financial institutions, enabling these institutions and their advisors to deliver more insightful, actionable investment advice and build stronger, more profitable client relationships. For more information, visit or call (925) 299-7782.

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