FREMONT, CA--(Marketwire - June 18, 2009) - Offerpal Media, the leader in monetization solutions for social networks and applications, online games, virtual worlds, mobile apps and other social publishers, today announced the launch of its Virtual Currency Analytics package, designed to provide valuable insights that help maximize publisher revenues while optimizing the user experience. Combining a simple, flexible interface with robust reporting features, Offerpal Media's analytics package enables social publishers to track the activity and monetization performance of their users based on any attribute they choose -- such as User Level, Character Type, Install Source, Account Age, Basic Demographics and others -- by passing a few parameters to Offerpal Media through the company's simple I-Frame integration. This powerful tool is now available for free to any publisher using Offerpal Media's "Managed Offer Platform" for monetization.

"Our analytics package is like nothing else on the market," said Anu Shukla, Founder and CEO of Offerpal Media. "In building this tool, we worked closely with top social publishers to understand their needs, and from that we developed a powerful tool to help them slice and dice the data any way they'd like so they can better understand what's working within their economy and what areas need improvement."

With Offerpal Media's Virtual Currency Analytics, social publishers can track the monetization performance of up to seven different attributes per application, with up to 1,000 different parameters per attribute. The reports provide detailed analysis for each attribute, allowing publishers to home in on one or more key metrics at a time, including Revenue, Impressions, Unique Visitors, Offer Clicks, Offer Completions, eCPM, Click Through Rate, Conversion Rate, Revenue per Click or Earnings per Click. Two types of graphs are available -- an Attribute Graph for charting the performance of any single attribute, and a Trend Graph for charting the performance over time.

This deep level of visibility into their virtual economies allows publishers to gain key insights into the dials and levers that have the biggest impact on their virtual economy. For instance, they can understand which user groups monetize the best, at what point users begin engaging with their virtual economy, or which game dynamics bring in the most revenue.

One of the beta testers of Offerpal Media's Virtual Currency Analytics package was Sibblingz, Inc., the developers behind the popular Make a Baby application on Facebook and MySpace.

"Offerpal Media continues to be an innovative partner, developing products that not only help drive our monetization efforts, but assist in heightening the social experience for our users," said Rohit Dewan, Director of Engineering at Sibblingz, Inc. "Offerpal's Virtual Currency Analytics tool has enabled us to get a better understanding of how our audience monetizes based on attributes such as the Age Level of their virtual babies, how many Growth Points they've earned, and other key data points."

Configuring the package is quick and easy and can be conducted in less than ten minutes, allowing social app developers and site publishers to start tracking their monetization performance immediately. Cross-platform integration enables publishers to analyze their virtual economies across all social networks and destination Web sites from one central location. Developers and publishers interested in learning more about Offerpal Media's Virtual Currency Analytics can email or call 510.257.5600.

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Offerpal Media is the first "Managed Offer Platform" for social applications, online communities, social games, virtual worlds and the Apple iPhone. The company's turnkey platform allows publishers to monetize their traffic through targeted and relevant advertising offers, generating publisher revenues at a network-wide average of $75 per day for every 1,000 Daily Active Users. Advertisers can tap into Offerpal Media's expansive network to reach more than 50 million highly engaged and targeted consumers. Based in Fremont, CA, and backed by top-tier venture capital firms, Offerpal Media features an experienced management team with deep roots in online advertising, personalization, and optimization technologies. For more information, visit

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